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Technical Implementation Notice 15-49

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

950 AM EDT Thu Oct 22 2015


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From:†††††† Terrance J. Clark

††††††††††† Director, WSR-88D Radar Operations Center


Subject:††† WSR-88D Volume Coverage Pattern Changes tentatively††††

†† †††††††††scheduled to deploy in February 2017


NWS will eliminate four current Volume Coverage Patterns (VCPs)

in WSR-88D Radar Data Acquisition (RDA)/Radar Product Generation

(RPG) Software Build 18.0: VCPs 11, 211, 21 and 221. They will

be replaced with a new pattern, VCP 215. VCPs 12, 212, 121, 31,

and 32 will remain in the system. Build 18.0 Beta Test is

tentatively scheduled for February 2017, with full deployment

the following during spring and summer 2017.


VCP 215 will include the same elevation angles as VCPs 12/212

below 10 degree, and the same angles as VCPs 11/211 above

10 degrees. The data quality will be comparable to VCP 21. The

completion time of VCP 215 will be approximately 6 minutes.

AVSET and one SAILS cut will be operator selectable with VCP

215. VCP 215 will be ideal for general weather surveillance and

during light precipitation events.


In addition, another new VCP will be introduced for use during

clear-air or winter precipitation. VCP 35 will include the same

elevation angles up to 6.4 degrees as those used by VCPs

12/212/215. VCP 35 will complete in approximately 7 minutes. One

SAILS cut will be operator selectable.


These VCPs share a common set of elevation angles with severe

weather VCPs 12/212, increase the elevation coverage over the

current suite of routine surveillance patterns, and provide SZ-2

Doppler processing for the split cut elevations.

More information on the VCP changes is available:


Sample data sets of VCP 35 and VCP 215 are available on the

Radar Operations Centerís New Technologies website:


For more information, contact:


†††† Jessica Schultz

†††† NWS Radar Focal Point

†††† Radar Operations Center



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