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Technical Implementation Notice 16-01

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

1240 PM EST Wed Feb 10 2016


To:       Subscribers:

          -NOAA Weather Wire Service

          -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


          Other NWS Partners, Users and Employees


From:     Timothy McClung

          Portfolio Manager

          Office of Science and Technology Integration


Subject:  Modifying Product Dissemination Time of the NCEP/FNMOC

          Combined Wave Ensemble Product (NFCENS) Effective

          March 14, 2016


Effective on or about March 14, 2016, beginning with the 1200

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) run, the National Centers for

Environmental Prediction (NCEP) will be changing the delivery

time of the NFCENS products.


The NFCENS product consists of a combination of wave ensemble

outputs from the NOAA WAVEWATCH III wave ensemble system, and

from the wave ensembles run by the US Navy Fleet Numerical

Meteorology and Oceanographic Center (FNMOC). The product

combines outputs from a total of 41 wave ensemble members; one

control run and 20 members from the NCEP system, and 20

additional members from FNMOC.


After an upgrade to FNMOC's ensemble system, delivery of

upstream products to NCEP have been delayed. This has resulted

in the NFCENS system running without FNMOC input. Therefore,

NCEP will delay the NFCENS distribution time by 2 hours to

ensure inclusion of FNMOC data. Delivery of NFCENS products to

the National Hurricane Center (NHC), Ocean Prediction Center

(OPC) and to the public, will be delayed by 2 hours relative to

the current distribution time.


The delayed delivery time would affect all NFCENS products

distributed, to include: (grib filter and OpenDAP)


For questions regarding these time changes, please contact:

     Henrique Alves


     College Park, MD


      Carissa Klemmer

      NWS/NCEP Central Operations

      College Park, MD



NWS National Technical Implementation Notices are online at: