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Technical Implementation Notice 16-42

National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

750 AM EST Mon Dec 12 2016


To:       Subscribers:

         -NOAA Weather Wire Service

         -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network


          Other NWS Partners,Users and Employees


From:     Dave Myrick

          NWS Office of Science and Technology Integration


Subject:  Additions and Changes to the BUFR station lists for

          the NAM,RAP,HRRR,SREF,and Hi-Res Windows:

          Effective January 10,2017


Effective on or about Tuesday,January 10,2017,beginning with the 1200

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) model distribution,the National Centers

for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) will modify the list of stations for

which BUFR data are generated for the following models:


-Rapid Refresh (RAP)

-High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR)

-Short-Range Ensemble Forecast System (SREF)

-High-Resolution ARW and NMMB Windows (HIRESW)


The changes will also be made to the North American Mesoscale (NAM) model

and its nests,but these changes will be made as part of the upcoming NAM

upgrade on or about February 1,2017. 


The new stations are listed in Table 1 below.Stations being changed are

listed in Table 2 below.No stations are being removed.There will be no

accompanying NOAAPORT changes to the lists of stations in the North

American Mesoscale (NAM) model BUFR sounding collectives. 


The high-resolution NAM nests use the same station list as the parent

12 km NAM,so any changes to the list involving locations within a

particular nest impact that nest's BUFR output as well.All of the

new and modified sites are in either the CONUS nest output or the Alaska

nest output.Please note the special information about Karymksy,AK,below.


Table 1: New stations in the BUFR lists 

The numerical and character identifications are provided:


000771 44.89N  72.23W KEFK  NEWPORT,VT

000772 43.46N 101.50W LGVS  LONG VALLEY,SD            

000773 43.99N 103.79W DFDS  DEERFIELD,SD

000774 29.30N  84.04W S#D   FAR NE GULF OF MEXICO        

000775 27.90N  96.64W S#E   FAR WEST GULF OF MEXICO

000776 34.31N  84.42W KCNI  CANTON/CHEROKEE CTY,GA    

000777 34.27N  83.83W KGVL  GAINESVILLE,GA            


000779 41.28N  85.84W KASW  WARSAW,IN                 


000781 41.57N  86.73W KPPO  LA PORTE,IN               

000782 48.93N 103.30W KD50  CROSBY,ND                 

000783 48.88N  99.62W K06D  ROLLA,ND                  

000784 46.19N 103.43W KBPP  BOWMAN,ND                 

000785 46.02N  99.35W KASY  ASHLEY,ND                 

000786 46.17N  98.07W K2D5  OAKES,ND                  

000787 46.01N  83.74W KDRM  DRUMMOND ISLAND,MI        

000788 46.88N  89.32W ONTM  ONTONAGON,MI              


000790 34.36N 117.63W WRD   WRIGHTWOOD,CA            

000791 34.94N 119.69W NCY   NEW CUYAMA,CA            

000792 34.48N 120.23W GVA   GAVIOTA,CA               

000793 34.61N 120.08W KIZA  SANTA YNEZ,CA             

000794 43.74N 111.10W KDIJ  DRIGGS-REED_MEM_APT,ID   

000795 34.85N  84.00W KDZJ  BLAIRSVILLE,GA            

000796 44.35N 103.77W LED   LEAD,SD

000797 44.41N 104.36W SDNW  SUNDANCE,WY              

000798 37.80N  94.77W KFSK  FORT SCOTT,

000799 37.64N  92.65W KLBO  LEBANON,MO                

000800 38.35N  93.34W KRAW  WARSAW,MO                 

000848 41.14N  75.38W KMPO  POCONO_MNTS_MUNIL_ARPT,PA   

000849 39.98N  75.82W COAT  COATESVILLE,PA              

000855 42.11N 109.45W FSN   FARSON,WY                  

000856 42.49N 107.83W JFC   JEFFREY CITY,WY            

000857 42.48N 108.84W SOU   SOUTH PASS,WY              

000858 43.20N 110.40W BDT   BONDURANT,WY               

000859 40.61N  95.87W KAFK  NEBRASKA CITY,NE            

000860 41.24N  96.59W KAHQ  WAHOO,NE                     

000861 41.45N  87.01W KVPZ  VALPARAISO,IN                

000862 41.42N  88.41W C09   MORRIS,IL                   

000863 39.76N  98.79W K82   SMITH CENTER,KS             

000864 40.51N 106.87W KSBS  STEAMBOAT SPRINGS,CO       

000865 39.43N 107.38W K5SM  SUNLIGHT MTN,CO            

000866 39.48N 106.15W KCCU  COPPER MTN,CO              

000867 40.50N 107.52W KCAG  CRAIG,CO                      

000868 41.02N  89.39W KC75  MARSHALL CTY ARPT,IL        

000869 38.72N  88.18W KOLY  OLNEY_NOBLE ARPT,IL         

000870 39.06N  98.17W KK71  LINCOLN,KS                  

000871 37.13N  96.19W SDN   SEDAN,KS                    

000872 38.37N  96.54W CTW   COTTONWOOD FALLS,KS         

000873 42.64N  77.05W KPEO  PENN YAN,NY                 

000874 41.77N  76.45W TOW   TOWANDA,PA                   

000875 40.73N 106.28W K33V  WALDEN-JACKSON CO APT,CO   

000876 43.45N  76.51W OSW   OSWEGO,NY                    

000877 43.08N  94.27W KAXA  ALGONA,IA                   

000878 43.40N  94.75W KEST  ESTERVILLE,IA               

000879 40.35N  94.92W KEVU  NW_MISSOURI_REG_APT,MO      

000880 38.22N  83.59W KSYM  MOREHEAD-ROWAN_REG_APT,KY    

000881 38.71N  93.18W KDMO  SEDALIA_REG_APT,MO          

000882 39.42N  93.13W KBRN  BRUNSWICK,MO                

000883 43.71N 108.39W KHSG  THERMOPOLIS,WY             

000884 43.18N 111.04W K46U  ALPINE,WY                

000885 45.59N 103.55W K2WX  BUFFALO,SD               

000886 60.82N 152.72W LCLP  LAKE CLARK PASS,AK         

000887 69.00N 160.00W WBR   WESTERN BROOKS RANGE,AK    

000888 52.00N 177.55E KISK  KISKA ISLAND,AK           

000889 57.00N 166.00W SEBE  SOUTHEAST BERING SEA           

000890 62.22N 153.08W RAPS  RAINY PASS,AK              

000891 59.73N 157.26W PAJZ  KOLIGANEK,AK                 

000892 61.89N 147.32W TAPS  TAHNETA PASS,AK            

000893 66.27N 166.05W PASH  SHISHMAREF,AK                  

000894 34.10N 117.23W KSBD  SAN BERNARDINO,CA            

000895 40.63N  93.90W KLWD  LAMONI,IA                    

000896 33.40N 110.77W KGLO  GLOBE,AZ                     

000897 33.97N 112.74W KWKB  WICKENBURG,AZ               

000898 38.80N  76.07W KESN1 EASTON,MD                   

000899 41.05N  74.63W SPA   SPARTA,NJ                   

722920 33.40N 118.42W KAVX  AVALON/CATALINA,CA    

723200 34.35N  85.16W KRMG ROME/RUSSELL,GA            

723927 34.21N 119.20W KOXR OXNARD,CA  


724475 38.83N  94.89W KIXD 11 OLATHE/NEW CENTURY APT,KS 

725347 42.42N  87.87W KUGN 11 WAUKEGAN,IL 

725527 41.76N  96.18W KTQE 11 TEKAMAH,NE 

726155 43.57N  71.42W KLCI 11 LACONIA,NH 

726165 42.90N  72.27W KEEN 11 KEENE/DILLANT,NH 

726355 42.14N  86.44W KBEH 11 BENTON_HARBOR/ROSS,MI 

726380 44.36N  84.67W KHTL 11 HOUGHTON_LAKE_ARPT,MI 

726395 44.45N  83.40W KOSC 11 WURTSMITH_AFB,MI 

727677 47.65N 101.43W N60  11 GARRISON,ND 

745310 38.97N 104.82W KAFF 12 AIR_FORCE_ACADEMY,CO



Table 2: Changes to existing sites being made to the BUFR lists

The numerical and character identifications are provided:


- Station 000237 (KGXA: Gray Butte Field,CA) is moved from

34.34N,117.40W to 34.57N,117.67W.


- The character identifier for station 000239 (Manistique,MI)

is changed from ISQ to KISQ.


- The character identifier for station 000296 (Oscura Range Camp,NM)

is changed from OSC to OSCR.


- Station 000373 (PEV: Peever,SD) is moved from

45.46N,91.74W to 45.46N,96.99W.


- Station 000396 (KLNL: Land O’Lakes,WI) is moved from

46.15N,98.21W to 46.15N,89.21W.


- Station 000699 (MTG: Montague,NY) is moved from

43.49N,76.22W to 43.76N,75.68W


- Station 000769 (SHIVL: Shiveluch,AK) is moved from

56.65N,161.37W to 56.65N,161.37E


- Station 000770 (KYMY: Karymsky,AK) is moved from

54.05N,159.43W to 54.05N,159.43E.

Note that the correction of the location for this station

results in the station no longer appearing in the BUFR data

for the NAM Alaska nest and the Alaskan Hi-Res Window. The station

is actually outside of the domain; the incorrect longitude being

used causes the station to be placed inside the domain in the current

operational version.


- Station 722950 (Los Angeles Intl,CA) is now designated as a water

point to best represent weather conditions at the site.


Send questions or comments to:


    Geoff Manikin

    NCEP/Environmental Modeling Center

    College Park,Maryland  20746



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