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Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services
NWS Operations and Requirements Division
Division Chief: Cindy Woods

Function: The Operations and Requirements Division implements and integrates NWS climate and hydrometeorological forecast and warning services nationwide. The division coordinates the NWS requirements process to ensure it responds to service deficiencies and needs. Staff manage the NWS change management process and serve as the approving authority for requests made within that process. Each of its two branches has broad responsibilities spanning the agency's national and international mission and goals.

Integrated Operations: W/OS11 (WB0110)

The Integrated Operations Branch (IOB) develops plans and writes policies for common or integrated operations and service functions including:

  • Data acquisition and quality control
  • Meteorological analysis and decision support systems
  • Internal warning and forecast coordination, including WFO, RFC, and NCEP Service Center operational procedures and interactions
  • Communication infrastructure, including dissemination and service back up.

IOB facilitates and coordinates service changes and monitors the impacts on service effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Requirements and Change Management: W/OS12 (WB0120)

The Requirements and Change Management Branch (RCMB) develops and implements service requirements policies and procedures. RCMB also develops, validates and documents customer service requirements. Staff track actions to resolve service problems and supports the agency Integrated Work Teams (IWT) tasked with those actions. Staff audit new system development and the implementation of changes to ensure applicability to and compliance with requirements.

RCMB staff sets change management (CM) policy and procedures for NWS systems. Staff work with the Office of Operational Systems to maintain CM discipline on all operational systems in the field and at the Systems Operations Center. RCMB staff ensures integration of new systems with the CM process and manages, tracks, directs, and verifies implementation of system changes. In addition, the RCMB provides staff support for:

  • The Secretariat in charge of the requirements review process
  • NWS Configuration Management Board
  • NEXRAD Program Management Committee
  • ASOS Program Management Committee and Configuration Control Board
  • Systems Coordination Council
  • AWIPS Configuration Control Board
  • Chair and Secretariat for the NWS Data Review Group

The group also provides:

  • Focus for establishing systems interfaces to external users and NWS field offices
  • Requirements and change management support to, and NWS representation on, technical working groups and agency IWTs
  • Coordination of special impact analyses of planned modifications to existing systems
  • Support to operational tests and evaluations of approved changes.

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