1. Log into both the text and graphics workstation as the same user

  2. Exit out of the text workstation application by clicking File --> Exit then answering Yes.

  3. On the graphics workstation, Left click to bring up the AWIPS menu. Choose AWIPS start-up menu.

  4. Click Test Mode Control Program from the start-up menu.

  5. Select the mode to which you wish to change the workstation.

    If you receive the following error: Found more than one desktop or workspace in your setup. You need to run Control Center program, Kcontrol to set it back to 1 for each of the 3 monitors in order to continue. This is also true and applied to the text workstation. , you either currently have multiple workspaces identified in in you user id or did have at some point. To fix this problem:

    1. Go into Kcontrol and set your workspaces back to 1 for each monitor.
    2. Move the file /home/$user/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals to /tmp
    3. Log out
    4. Log back in. You should now be able to change workstation modes.

    To avoid this issue althogether, a tester ID can be created which is always set to 1 workspace.

  6. Use the applications (except IFPS service backup, AvnFPS and LSR) as necessary.

Creating WarnGen Products in Practice Mode


  1. Start WarnGen as usual

  2. Select an area and click Create Text
    Note: the warning will NOT pop up on the text workstation

  3. On the D2D, click Tools --> Text Window

  4. Type WRKWG#, where # is your workstation number, into the AFOS Cmd: line

  5. Once your file is there, click Enter Editor

  6. Edit the file as usual

  7. When finished, click Send

  8. Click Go Ahead on the warning box

  9. Click Go Ahead on the test wording warning box

  10. The warning is now available for followup in WarnGen