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Training Division

Function: The function of the OCWWS Training Division is to ensure NWS staff receives the training required to attain/maintain proficiency in providing accurate and timely forecasts and warnings to the public. The process for determining training requirements, and effecting their implementation in a prioritized manner and within available budgets, is specified by the NWS National Strategic Training and Education Plan (NSTEP).

The Division staff at NWS Headquarters is responsible for overall program control and administration.  Their functions include coordinating training requirements with the NSTEP Field Requirements Group (FRG) on an annual cycle, organizing these requirements within available budgets, advocating unfunded training requirements to upper management for consideration, and working with the entire NSTEP Team to ensure training techniques and technologies are appropriate and upgraded as needed.

Structure: The Division articulates and distributes training requirements to the NSTEP Heads of Training Group (HOTG) via an annual Implementation Plan for Training. The HOTG is comprised of the NWS Training Center (NWSTC), the Forecast Decision Training Branch (FDTB), the Warning Decision Training Branch (WDTB), and the COMET®.

Once provided with requirements via the annual plans, the HOTG assumes responsibility for developing and providing needed training in the areas described therein. For additional information on the NWS Training Program, including contact information, please click here for the NWS Training Portal.

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