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System Engineering Briefings
A pictoral view of the System Engineering Center.
Recent Systems Engineering Project Briefings
OB6 Request for Change Draft Documents
Systems Engineering Branch
Leads systems engineering, development, integration, and testing of observing, information processing, display, and communications systems. Approves all systems engineering changes; reviews system performance; identifies needs for system changes. Manages risk reduction activites.
Analysis Branch
Engineers new systems and systems modifications. Supplies systems engineering expertise to all product improvement and development programs. Analyzes proposed changes for cost, feasability and schedule impact. Defines and manages risk reduction activities.
Development Branch
Manages development of observing, information, processing, display, and communications system enhancements. Supports systems acceptance testing and operations test and evaluation. Integrates systems and performs system level testing. 
Support Branch
Manage the OST computer facilities and provide system administration, management, and maintenance of the OST development, test and integration systems in these facilities. Plan for and manage hardware and software installations and upgrades to the development, test and integration systems. Support hardware and software development, integration, and testing of AWIPS, NEXRAD, ORPG and other NWS systems. Maintain the AWIPS national configuration data sets and create map backgrounds for counties, cities, zones, topology, rivers, etc. for AWIPS systems.

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