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    NWS  Corporate Board Meeting
    August 7-9, 2001
    NOAA - David Skaggs Research Center
    325 Broadway Boulder, CO

    The theme of the August Corporate Board Meeting is science and technology (S&T) infusion planning. Now that the MAR is complete, the NWS must look ahead to the science and technology advancements which will enable our products and services in the next decades. To begin this task, the Office of Science and Technology has drafted Version 1 of an NWS Science and Technology Infusion Plan (STIP). The STIP is organized along three planning time frames (near-, mid- and long-term) and focuses on 6 areas of advancement: Enabling Technologies, Observations, Numerical Prediction and Data Assimilation, Forecast Techniques and Product / Information Preparation, Dissemination, and Fundamental Research.

    Initial drafting began late last year when a survey questionnaire was sent out to the NOAA community. Further drafting incorporated S&T plans from the following written sources:

    NWS' Strategic Plan and Implementation Guide (SPIG is FY2000 version, will be updated later this year)
    NOAA's Strategic Plan,
    The Technology & Infusion Panel Committee Report for NWS, 1999 - Dr. Craig E. Dorman
    and NAS/NRC reports (especially NRC's Vision for the NWS).

    OST has revised the initial draft based on input from numerous sources. We met with program leads to gain their perspective. In mid-June we hosted a workshop for external scientists, from the university and federal communities. Following the workshop in June, OST held an internal review with all of the NWS Offices and Regions. You can find the most current draft of the TIP below.

    Below are links to other August Corporate Board Meeting materials:.


    List of Participants

    The STIP Document (July 27 draft version)

    Logistics - Hotels & icebreaker/dinner


    External Presenter Bios



    List of Posters submitted

    Group Exercises

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