The 4th NOAA Climate Prediction Applications Science Workshop: Research and Applications on Use and Impacts, co-hosted by the Climate Service Division (CSD), Office of Climate, Water & Weather Services, National Weather Service and the Climate Assessment for the Southwest (CLIMAS), the University of Arizona, was held in Tucson, AZ, 21-24 March 2006.  A diverse group of climate science producers and users from more than 40 institutes all over the country gathered in Westward Look Resort to share and discuss developments in research and applications related to the user and impacts of climate predictions on societal decision-making and resource management.  The meeting followed the agenda of seven sessions in the themes of stakeholder engagement, climate products, climate-health/air quality, climate science/services, climate forecasts and applications, water management, and economics/forecast value.  It also conducted four panel discussions on the issues of NOAA Climate Prediction Services Team, drought, water resources management & climate science, and decision making, partnerships & stakeholders.  In a concerted effort by all participants,  the workshop successfully achieved its goals.

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Stakeholder Engagement


G. Garfin

H. Hartmann T.  Brown A. Westerling N. Peterson R. Taddei M. Shafer
Climate Products Climate-Health Air Quality


K. Wolter T. Owen K. Mo M. A. Bell K. Redmond  E. Wise
                                            Session Break                                                       Climate Prediction Services Team Panel                                   Discussions
Climate Science Services
D. Brown A. Hassane E. Shea C. Ropelewski

A. Howard

C. Fraisse M. A. Crimmins
Climate Forecast & Applications
 M. Hayes Drought Panel R. Livezey J. Schneider S. Jagtap J. Bellow
Water Management


D. Zierden at Banquet D. Garrick B. Colby  (1) K. Pittenger  (2) G. Carbone A. Ray

Water Resources Management & Climate Science Panel Discussion

Climate-Health Air Quality
J. Wiener E. Shamir (1) (2) D. Kluck A. Hamlet (1) (2) B. Udall D. Brandon A. Comrie
Economics Forecast Value


E. Grover-Kopec L. Zubair N. Graham R. Gittell R. Bark-Hodgins V. Cabrera DM, S&P Panel
Take Home Messages
M. Gelman USDA/NRCS/NWCC J. Curtis B. Hagemeyer J. Lowrey      


    Workshop Follow-up

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  2. Climate Prediction Center Follows Up the Success of 4th NOAA Climate Prediction Application Science Workshop (4/19/2006)