Climate Prediction Center Providing Pakistan/Kashmir Earthquake Relief Products

NOAA's Climate Prediction Center (CPC) was contacted by three groups for assistance with products to support recovery efforts for the Pakistan earthquake. Each is discussed briefly below, including products which are update daily or as appropriate:

1. The State Department's Humanitarian Information Unit (HIU) is receiving Geographic Information System (GIS) format files including daily northern hemispheric snow depth from the Air Force Weather Agency and compiled at NOAA, daily snowfall forecast GIS grids from the Global Forecast System (GFS) model out to 7 days, daily snow depth change forecasts from the GFS model out to 7 days, daily snow depth change forecasts from the GFS model for days 8-14, daily minimum temperature data and 24-hour minimum forecast temperatures, and extreme minimum temperature predicted for the next 3-day and 7-day periods. HIU was also pointed toward existing 1-14 day ensemble model precipitation forecasts and spread (gif-format), and existing GFS forecasts and satellite imagery available from CPC’s global monitoring project.

2. The United Nations World Food Program is receiving daily GIS-format files of estimated precipitation and forecast precipitation from the GFS model.

3. The US Army requested forecast information over the Pakistan region, and was pointed toward CPC’s web site of global products.

(Contact Jim Laver)