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Climate and Weather Connection

  1. 37th NOAA CDPW Contributions

  2. NWS efforts to improve weather to climate based-services

          by Jiayu Zhou, Wayne Higgins, and Mike Halpert

  3. Wet weeks in the warm season: Processes supporting widespread, multi-day precipitation episodes

          by Russ S. Schumacher

  4. Changes in activity of the intense tropical cyclones for the western North Pacific during the last decades, derived from a regional climate model simulation

          by Monika Barcikowska, Frauke Feser, and Hans von Storch

  5. El Niņo-Southern Oscillation, the Madden-Julian Oscillation and Atlantic basin tropical cyclone rapid intensification

          by Philip Klotzbach

  6. Short-term climate extremes: prediction skill and predictability

          by Emily J. Becker, Huug van den Dool, and Malaquias Peņa

  7. 36th NOAA CDPW Contributions

  8. Association of U.S. tornado counts with the large-scale environment on monthly time-scales

          by Michael K. Tippett et al.

  9. A method for identifying the events that can best become extremes

           by Er Lu et al.

  10. Scientific prospects for weather to climate prediction and services

           by Jiayu Zhou et al.

  11. On the connection between low-frequency modulation of large-scale weather regimes and springtime extreme flooding over the Midwest of the United States

           by Andrew W. Robertson et al.

  12. Dynamic linkage between the Sahel greening and intense Atlantic hurricanes

           by Shih-Yu Wang and Robert R. Gillies

  13. A simplified early August Atlantic basin seasonal hurricane prediction scheme

           by Philip Klotzbach

  14. Spatial-intensity variations in extreme precipitation in the contiguous United States and the Madden-Julian Oscillation

           by Charles Jones and Leila M.V. Carvalho

  15. Extreme precipitation and its long-term changes over China and USA

           by Fang Wang et al.

  16. Changing monsoon extremes and dynamics: Example in Pakistan

           by Shih-Yu Wang et al.

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