NOAA/NWS Launches Distributed Hydrologic Model
Intercomparison Project - Phase 2 (DMIP 2)

The NOAA National Weather Service announces the launch of the second phase of the Distributed Model Intercomparison Project (DMIP 2).  The intent of DMIP 2 is to invite the academic community and other researchers to help guide the NOAA/NWS's distributed modeling research by participating in a comparison of distributed models applied to test data sets in two vastly different geographic regions.  

DMIP 2 contains two scientific thrusts.  First, continue the experiments in the DMIP 1 basins, capitalizing on nearly 4 more years of data.  Additional experiments in these areas are designed as well to explore new issues not covered in DMIP 1. Second, DMIP 2 will contain experiments in two basins in the Sierra Nevada mountains, allowing researchers to test their models in areas of complex hydrology.

To participate in DMIP 2  complete the 'Registration' form, which can be found in the DMIP 2 web site ,

where more information about the project are available.

(Contact Mike Smith)