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Diagnostics and Prediction

Research Advancement

    37th NOAA CDPW Contributions

  1. The current state of Arctic sea ice

      by Gregory J. Deemer, and Co-authors

  2. The influence of teleconnections on synoptic-scale circulation patterns affecting western Canadian water resources

      by B. W. Newton, T. D. Prowse, and B. R. Bonsal

  3. The multivariate PNA index: A new index for identifying MJO impacts over North America

      by Carl J. Schreck III, and David Margolin

  4. Combining sub-seasonal and seasonal precipitation forecasts over Indonesia

      by Andrew W. Robertson, and Co-authors

  5. A teleconnection between geopotential height anomalies over the North Atlantic and precipitation in the Sahel region of Africa

      by Daniel Barandiaran and Shih-Yu Wang

  6. The signature of the stratospheric Brewer-Dobson circulation in tropospheric clouds

      by Ying Li and David W. J. Thompson

  7. Is global warming changing the ENSO precursor in the Western North Pacific?

      by Shih-Yu Wang, Michelle L’Heureux, and Jin-Ho Yoon

  8. The equal frequency of stratospheric sudden warmings in El Niņo and La Niņa

      by Amy H. Butler, and Co-authors

    36th NOAA CDPW Contributions

  9. Tropical-extratropical teleconnections in boreal summer: Observed interannual variability

      by Qinghua Ding et al.

  10. Tropical ISO and extratropical extreme weather during the 2009-2011 ENSO cycle

      by Bin Wang et al.

  11. The limits of detecting forced responses on seasonal and continental scales

      by Liwei Jia and Timothy DelSole

  12. Decadal variation of rainfall seasonality in the North American Monsoon region and its potential causes

      by Paola A. Arias et al.

  13. A verification framework for interannual-to-decadal prediction experiments

      by Lisa Goddard et al.

  14. Recalibrating and combining ensemble predictions

      by Michael K. Tippett et al.

  15. A metrics for boreal summer monsoon intraseasonal oscillation

      by June-Yi Lee et al.

  16. The role of sub-seasonal tropical convective variability for the midlatitude response to ENSO

      by Erik Swenson and David Straus

  17. Primary factors contributing to Japan's extremely hot summer of 2010

      by Nobuyuki Kayaba et al.

  18. Decadal variations in Eurasian snow: Relation with circulation and possible influence on spring rainfall over China

      by Zhiyan Zuo et al.

  19. Precipitation characteristics of the South American Monsoon System derived from multiple data sets

      by Leila M. V. Carvalho et al.

Operation & Development

  1. An iterative projection method to calculate EOFs successively without use of the covariance matrix

      by Huug van den Dool

  2. Performance characteristics of forecasts based on a lagged ensemble

      by David Unger

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2012 Publications

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