Better Serving the User Community

                 GODAS Web Data Access Update

The NCEP's Operational Global Ocean Data Assimilation System (GODAS) web site recently has been modified to better serve the user community concerning real time monitoring and forecasting of climate variabilities such as ENSO and hurricane. This has been done through an informative home page, which contains cursor-activated animations and plots documenting the current conditions of the ocean state. The web site is also an excellent tool for researchers, who can access information for climatology and seasonal-to-interannual variability of various oceanic variables by a few clicks. For users who wish to analyze the data themselves, the binary data for the ocean reanalysis in 1979-present can be downloaded from the web site. More importantly, the GODAS data sets have been validated against independent observations, and the validation results are shown at the web site. Comments, suggestions and feedbacks are warmly welcome.

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