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Link Climate and Water

37th NOAA CDPW Contributions

Objective blends of multiple ensemble-mean NLDAS drought indices

    by Youlong Xia and Co-authors

Monitoring and maintenance of a cold-season drought

    by Er Lu

Factors driving the persistence of ENSO-led winter rainfall deficits into late-spring and early-summer over Texas

    by Dinali Nelun Fernando, and Co-authors

Tree-ring extension of precipitation variability at 12-km grid points in eastern Nevada: Implications for drought analysis

    by Franco Biondi

Comparison of dynamically and statistically downscaled seasonal climate forecasts for the cold season over the United States

    by Jin-Ho Yoon, L. Ruby Leung, and James Correia Jr.


Xia, Y., and Coauthors, 2012: Continental-scale water and energy flux analysis and validation for the North American Land Data Assimilation System project phase 2 (NLDAS-2): 1. Intercomparison and application of model products. JGR, 117, D03109, 27 pp., doi:10.1029/2011JD016048.


36th NOAA CDPW Contributions

Whither U.S. drought: Much ado about nothing

    by Kelly Redmond

Development of a seasonal climate and streamflow forecasting testbed for the Colorado River Basin

    by Andy Wood and Kevin Werner

Hydro-climatological drought analyses and projection using meteorological and hydrological drought indices: A case study in Blue River Basin, Oklahoma

    by Lu Liu et al.

A GOES thermal-based drought early warning index for NIDIS

    by Christopher R. Hain et al.

A method for monitoring meteorological drought at daily scale

    by Er Lu

The introduction of an in-depth drought monitoring process in the Upper Colorado River Basin

    by Rebecca Smith

Enhancing hydrological seasonal forecast by downscaling CFSv2

    by Eric F. Wood et al.


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