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14 Dec 2006   NOAA reports 2006 marked by severe heat waves, widespread drought, wildfires

7 Dec 2006   El Niņo gains strength

30 Nov 2006   Return of El Niņo yields near normal 2006 Atlantic hurricane season

28 Nov 2006   New global highway to broadcast vital environmental data
- Public health, agriculture, energy, weather, climate, other sectors will benefit

20 Nov 2006   New data show downward trend in Arctic sea ice

16 Nov 2006   NOAA issues final forecast for 2006-2007 U.S. winter season
- December, January, February forecast still on track

15 Nov 2006   NOAA reports U.S. cooler and wetter than average in October; October global temperature 4th warmest on record

13 Nov 2006   NOAA announces new cooperative institute serving northern Gulf OF Mexico   - Climate and coastal hazards among research themes

20 Oct 2006   NASA and NOAA announce Antarctic ozone hole is a record breaker

19 Oct 2006   NOAA issues U.S. winter update - December, January, February seasonal forecast still on course

16 Oct 2006   U.S. has cooler September after near record warm summer, global September temperature fourth warmest on record

10 Oct 2006   NOAA outlook calls for mild winter for most of the nation

28 Sep 2006   Scientists pinpoint cause of slowing methane emissions   - Trend may revert to 'typical' rate of increase, with climate impacts

21 Sep 2006   Short-term cooling of oceans suggest 'speed bump' in warming

14 Sep 2006   U.S. has second warmest summer on record - Nation experienced warmest January-August period on record

13 Sep 2006   NOAA issues unscheduled El Niņo advisory - El Niņo makes a comeback

31 Aug 2006   U.S. agencies adopt cutting-edge weather forecast model

10 Aug 2006   El Niņo in this winter's forecast?

8 Aug 2006   NOAA continues to predict above-normal hurricane season

7 Aug 2006   U.S. has its second-hottest July on record; drought conditions worsen

2 Aug 2006   Heat - The number one non-severe weather related killer in the United States

1 Aug 2006   Summer's peak has arrived   - Caution: Deadly heat wave reaches east coast

14 Jul 2006   U.S. Experienced record warm first half of year, widespread drought and northeast record rainfall

7 Jul 2006   NOAA Issues unscheduled update to U.S. seasonal drought outlook

20 Jun 2006   Sizzling days of summer are here   - July through September U.S. summer outlook

19 Jun 2006   U.S. has fourth warmest spring, widespread drought continues
 -  Global temperature warmer than average

22 May 2006   NOAA predicts very active 2006 north Atlantic hurricane season - Residents in hurricane prone areas urged to make preparations

2 May 2006   Report reconciles atmospheric temperature trends   - First of 21 reports from the U.S. Climate Change Science Program significantly revises, updates conclusions from previous key reports

1 May 2006   Area where hurricanes develop is warmer, say NOAA scientists

1 May 2006   NOAA issues greenhouse gas index

14 Apr 2006   Some east coast states have driest March ever, severe drought continues in southwest, southern plains, record rainfall in Hawaii

30 Mar 2006   NOAA web portal makes the search for past weather data user-friendly

16 Mar 2006   NOAA announces U.S. spring outlook   - Drought and wildfire concerns highlighted for April through June

9 Mar 2006   U.S. winter much warmer than average; drought worsened in southwest, southern plains; northwest had heavy rains

7 Feb 2006   NOAA reports record warm January across the U.S. - warmer temperatures result in lower residential energy demand

2 Feb 2006   NOAA says La Nina here as predicted - Expect northwest storminess and more drought in south/southwest

30 Jan 2006   NOAA reports 2005 global temperature similar to 1998 record warm year

27 Jan 2006   NOAA updates list of U.S. billion-dollar weather, climate disasters

17 Jan 2006   December 2005 was month of weather extremes in the U.S.; U.S. temperatures were average - Global temperature 9th warmest on record since 1880

12 Jan 2006   NOAA predicts weak La Nina

4 Jan 2006   NOAA outlook shows high fire danger persists

3 Jan 2006   NOAA warns wildfire threat won't soon be extinguished









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