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20 Dec 2007   NOAA updates U.S. drought forecast

13 Dec 2007   NOAA: 2007 a top ten warm year for U.S. and globe

29 Nov 2007   As 2007 Atlantic hurricane season ends, questions remain

26 Nov 2007   NOAA researcher: 2002 drought left millions of tons of extra carbon dioxide in earth’s atmosphere

26 Nov 2007   NOAA celebrates 50-Year carbon dioxide record

16 Nov 2007   October 2007 is ninth warmest on record for contiguous United States - Global temperature sixth warmest on record, as La Niņa continues

15 Nov 2007   NOAA still sees above average temperatures for most of the U.S. and below normal precipitation across the south   - Agency issues final U.S. winter outlook for the 2007-08 season

2 Nov 2007   Global ocean observing array reaches milestone, international Argo effort launches 3,000th float

1 Nov 2007   Antarctic ozone hole returns to near average levels, improvement noted after last year’s record breaker

1 Nov 2007   New, interactive web site -- tracks drought

31 Oct 2007   NOAA reports record-setting tornado outbreak for October

18 Oct 2007   NOAA reports U.S. winter forecast still on track - drought concerns persist

16 Oct 2007   September 2007 is eighth warmest on record for contiguous United States, drought worsens across southeast and Tennessee valley

9 Oct 2007   NOAA: La Niņa arrives; southern drought concerns intensify; above-average winter temperatures likely

12 Sep 2007   Warm summer in U.S. ends with record heat in south, widespread drought continues in southeast, west

6 Sep 2007   NOAA reports La Niņa is developing

28 Aug 2007   Greenhouse gases likely drove near-record U.S. warmth in 2006

15 Aug 2007   Record warmth in western U.S. in July, Drought severity worsened, Global temperature 7th warmest for July

9 Aug 2007   NOAA updates Atlantic hurricane season outlook above-normal season still expected

19 Jul 2007   NOAA forecasters warn of building heat in Central U.S., then east

19 Jul 2007   NOAA foresees continued drought in west, worsening short-term drought in upper midwest

17 Jul 2007   2007 starts warmer, drier than average for much of U.S., global average temperature second warmest on record since January

14 Jun 2007   Widespread warmth leads to the fifth warmest spring for United States, driest spring on record across the southeast worsens drought

22 May 2007   NOAA predicts above normal 2007 Atlantic hurricane season - 13 to 17 named storms predicted

17 May 2007   NOAA reports U.S. drought to worsen in southwest and improvement possible in southeast

16 May 2007   Despite record cold start, April temperature near average for U.S., global April surface temperature third warmest on record

26 Apr 2007   NOAA announces next solar storm cycle will likely start next March

19 Apr 2007   New NOAA climate observatory in Russia closed gap on Arctic research

17 Apr 2007   Climate models suggest warming-induced wind shear changes could impact hurricane development, intensity

16 Apr 2007   March temperatures second warmest on record for U.S.; Global March temperature fifth warmest on record

5 Apr 2007   NOAA leads climate impact and adaptation activities - Agency contributes to scientific foundation of IPCC

15 Mar 2007   NOAA says U.S. winter temperature near average; Global December-February temperature warmest on record

15 Mar 2007   NOAA announces U.S. spring outlook

14 Mar 2007   NOAA studies causes of catastrophic urban floods - Improve forecasts and better understand 'atmospheric rivers'

9 Mar 2007   Protecting Earth's ozone layer also helped slow climate change

28 Feb 2007   La Niņa may soon arrive

26 Feb 2007   Valentine's Day winter storm classified as a category 3 "major" storm

21 Feb 2007   Warm temperatures bring relief from cold, heighten concerns for flooding

16 Feb 2007   Global average temperature for January highest on record, U.S. temperature near average for month

14 Feb 2007   Nor’easter to deliver cold-hearted Valentine - Persistent February chill supporting array of winter weather woe

2 Feb 2007   NOAA support for IPCC: people, expertise, technology

1 Feb 2007   NOAA's February outlook brings on the chill  - Weakening El Niņo to exert little influence

22 Jan 2007   NOAA makes ocean temperature data available to all - New NOAA archive gives temperatures from international satellites since 1981

17 Jan 2007   NOAA National Weather Service launches new local three-month temperature outlook

12 Jan 2007   Mild winter leaves tattered blanket of snow   - Storms mostly wet, not White, when traversing U.S.

9 Jan 2007   NOAA reports 2006 warmest year on record for U.S.   - General warming trend, El Niņo contribute to milder winter temps

8 Jan 2007   NOAA scientists to double 3-D global climate record









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