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29 Nov 2010   Extremely active Atlantic hurricane season was a 'Gentle Giant' for U.S.

18 Nov 2010   NOAA: October ranked 8th warmest on record

21 Oct 2010   NOAA: Another winter of extremes in store for U.S. as La Niña strengthens

15 Oct 2010   NOAA: Year-to-date global temperature ties for warmest on record

7 Oct 2010   NOAA: U.S. experienced above average temperatures, rainfall in September

20 Sep 2010   Scientists find 20 years of deep water warming leading to sea level rise

15 Sep 2010   NOAA: 2010 tied with 1998 as warmest global temperature on record

8 Sep 2010   NOAA: Fourth warmest U.S. summer on record

13 Aug 2010   NOAA: Second warmest July and warmest year-to-date global temperature on record

9 Aug 2010   NOAA: July hotter and wetter than normal in U.S.

5 Aug 2010   NOAA still expects active Atlantic hurricane season; La Niña develops

16 Jul 2010   NOAA predicts drought conditions in southwest U.S. to worsen

15 Jul 2010   NOAA: June, April to June, and year-to-date global temperatures are warmest on record

9 Jul 2010   NOAA: U.S. had eighth warmest June on record, above-normal precipitation

15 Jun 2010   NOAA: May global temperature is warmest on record

27 May 2010   NOAA expects busy Atlantic hurricane season

27 May 2010   NOAA predicts below normal eastern Pacific hurricane season

17 May 2010   NOAA: Warmest April global temperature on record, also warmest January-April

7 May 2010   NOAA: Above-normal temperatures and below-normal precipitation in April

22 Apr 2010   “Vital New Roadmap” underscores need to study climate change, human health links

15 Apr 2010   NOAA: Global temps push last month to hottest March on record

8 Apr 2010   NOAA: U.S. averaged warmer-than-normal, drier-than-normal in March

10 Mar 2010   NOAA: U.S. winter and February cooler than average

Mar 2010   The facts about snowstorms & climate change

Mar 2010   NOAA weather stations determining global temperature

8 Feb 2010   Commerce Department proposes establishment of NOAA Climate Service

3 Feb 2010   NOAA’s Sea Grant awards eight ‘Climate Engagement’ mini-grants

28 Jan 2010   Stratospheric water vapor is a global warming wild card

21 Jan 2010   NOAA: December global ocean temperature second warmest on record (For the year, 2009 annual temperature tied for fifth-warmest)

12 Jan 2010   NOAA: U.S. December wetter and colder than average (2009 yearly precipitation and temperature above average)

Jan 2010   NOAA scientists unraveling El Niño’s mysteries - New clues found in stratosphere, troposphere and Arctic vortex








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