NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center Establishes Joint Seminar Series with UM's Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center

The Climate Prediction Center, (CPC) has established a joint seminar series with the Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC) at the University of Maryland. The motivation for instituting this seminar series is to familiarize scientists at CPC and ESSIC with the other’s work and to promote collaboration and idea exchange. Seminars will be conducted each month, alternating between the NCEP and ESSIC campuses. The first seminar in the series will be given by Dr. Antonio Busalacchi (Director, ESSIC) at noon on Friday, February 23 in Room 707 of WWB. The topic will be an overview of ESSIC. Dr. Vernon Kousky (Chief, CPC's Development Branch) will present a seminar at ESSIC on Monday, March 26 at noon and will talk about climate monitoring activities at CPC. Seminars will continue each month, with the location alternating between WWB and ESSIC, and a speaker for each slot in 2007 has been identified.

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