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The 2011 volume of the National Weather Service Climate Prediction S&T Digest is now available from the NOAA Library online catalogue, NOAALINC. The 2011 volume of the Digest includes 43 extended summaries contributed by the participants of the 36th Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop, which was held in Fort Worth, Texas, October 3-6, 2011.

Wayne Higgins, director of the Climate Prediction Center at the National Centers for Environmental Prediction said of the digest, “Please know that this is a major contribution to NOAA climate services.  I really like the clickable index.”

The newly developed NWS Climate Prediction S&T Digest (an electronic version, 2009 onwards) is a continuation of the CDPW proceedings. Recently, it has been included in the NOAA Library online catalog, NOAALINC, and available to the public.


A more reader friendly environment is also provided via issuu.com.


The NOAA CDPW has been held every year since 1976, providing a unique and continuous opportunity for National Weather Service climate operations and its partners in academia, the private sector, and other branches of the local, state, and federal government to maintain contact and exchange climate diagnostics and research. The workshop proceedings (printed copies, 1976-2000) were produced by the Department of Commerce. The proceedings play an important role in improved understanding and more realistic simulation and prediction of climate variability.

As is clearly evident in this digest, the CDPW is continuing to grow and has become an important institution in the climate prediction community. The climate community is making considerable progress both in its understanding and in its ability to simulate and predict climate. It helps to ensure that research advances are both shared with the broader community and also transitioned into operations. This is especially important as NOAA works to enhance the weather-climate connection and promote integrated services both across the agency and with external partners.


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