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  1. 37th NOAA CDPW Contributions

  2. Web-Based Reanalysis Intercomparison Tools (WRIT) to allow easy analysis and comparison of reanalyses and other datasets

        by Catherine A. Smith, Gilbert P. Compo, and Don K. Hooper

  3. Enhancement of Local Climate Analysis Tool (LCAT) to better serve NWS staff and users

        by Marina Timofeyeva and Co-authors

  4. 36th NOAA CDPW Contributions

  5. CWRF ready for climate service

        by Xin-Zhong Liang and Julian X.L. Wang

  6. Toward a framework for incorporating MJO and ENSO information into CPC probabilistic extended range forecasts

        by Nat Johnson et al.

  7. Seasonal forecasting using the climate predictability tool (CPT)

        by S. J. Mason

  8. Feasibility of dynamical seasonal precipitation prediction for the Pacific islands

        by H. Annamalai et al.

  9. Wildland fire climate needs roundtable

        by Peter B. Roohr

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2013 NOAA CPAS Workshop

NOAA’s 11th Annual Climate Prediction Applications Science (CPAS) Workshop was held in Logan, Utah, 23-25 April 2013. The theme was “Climate Information for Natural Resource Management”, which integrated broad aspects of climate information applications in water, land, forest, wildlife, habitat, energy, and other natural resources management. The goals of the CPAS Workshop were to bring together climate information users, tool developers, researchers, and providers to identify recommended state-of the-art science practices on the use of climate information and gaps in climate data and prediction services.

For more information about 2013 CPASW please visit: