Science & Technology Infusion Concept

The above conceptual figure shows the S&T infusion from basic research to applied research to operation to application (the extension service helps to bridge operation and application) and the feedbacks of R&D needs from operation and application to research to meet users' demands. The whole process should be conducted through the requirements-based management and the collaboration with strategic partners. 

The following schematic illustration characterizes the transition process step by step.


The National Centers for Environmental Prediction  is  positioned to provide an operational infra-structure for the transition process

Characteristics of Transition Process

  1. Large “volume” of R&D, funded through AOs, Agency Labs…

  2. Smaller set of R&D products suitable for operations.

  3. Systematic transition steps, Research-to-Operations (R2O).

    Deliver skill-optimized forecast products founded on CTB-based innovation and customer feedback; Bring in customer requests.

  4. Systematic transition steps, Operations-to-Applications (O2A).

  5. Delivery of products to the diverse community and customer feedback.


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