National Weather Service / Office of Science and Technology Announces Availability of Federal Assistance via CSTAR Program

The FY 2007 Collaborative Science, Technology, and Applied Research (CSTAR) program request for applications was published on Jun. 12 in the Federal Register, and online at as part of the omnibus announcement of NOAA competitive grant programs. The Federal Register announcement contains a brief program synopsis.

The National Weather Service (NWS), Office of Science and Technology, announces the availability of Federal assistance via the CSTAR Program. The CSTAR Program represents an NOAA/NWS effort to create a cost-effective transition from basic and applied research to operations and services through collaborative research between operational forecasters and academic institutions which have expertise in the environmental sciences. These activities will engage researchers and students in applied research of interest to the operational meteorological community and will improve the accuracy of forecasts and warnings of environmental hazards by applying scientific knowledge and information to operational products and services. Program priorities focus on addressing the identified science priorities from NWS Regions and National Centers for Environmental Prediction service centers and/or incorporating solutions to science issues related to interactive forecast preparation systems and gridded data bases. The program priorities for this opportunity support NOAA's mission support goal of: Weather and Water - Serve Society's Needs for Weather and Water Information.

The full program announcement can also be accessed on the NWS/OST S&T Infusion Climate Bulletin. The announcement will remain open until October 20 and will support new multi-year projects scheduled to begin in May 2007, contingent upon availability of funds.

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