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NOAA Climate Test Bed Joint Seminar Series

( 2009 - 2010 )

Extended Summaries



14 Apr 2010  Recent analyses of drought character and prediction            [Print Version]

    by Randal Koster               

31 Mar 2010  Predictability of Monsoons in CFS                                                [Print Version]

    by V. Krishnamurthy               

3 Feb 2010  ENSO prediction skill in the NCEP CFS                                                [Print Version]

    by Renguang Wu et al.               

3 Nov 2009  Ocean biology-induced climate feedback effects on interannual variability in the tropical Pacific: A missing process in the NCEP CFS                                                [Print Version]

    by Rong-Hua Zhang and Antonio J. Busalacchi

19 Oct 2009  Pathogens, HABs, Swine Flu: What can CTB do?

    by Raghu Murtugudde

10 May 2010  Variability and prediction of the Asian and Indo-Pacific monsoon climate in the NCEP Climate Forecast System

   by Song Yang                           [Print Version]

14 Apr 2010  NCEP/EMC NLDAS support for drought monitoring and seasonal prediction

   by Michael Ek et al.                  [Print Version]

14 Apr 2010  Drought monitoring and prediction: The recent efforts at the Climate Prediction Center

   by Kingtse Mo                            [Print Version]

24 Mar 2010  Summer season precipitation prediction over America with the NCEP Climate Forecast System using different land components and different sea surface temperatures

   by Rongqian Yang et al.          [Print Version]

19 Nov 2009  The NCEP GODAS ocean analysis of the tropical Pacific mixed layer heat budget on seasonal to interannual time scales

   by Yan Xue et al. 

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6/1/10, at NCEP

Peter Webster, Georgia Institute of Technology: "Development and Application of An Extended Range Probabilistic Ensemble Hurricane Forecast System" (ppt

5/10/10, at ESSIC

Song Yang, CPC: "Asian and Indo-Pacific Monsoon Climate in the NCEP Climate Forecast System" (ppt

4/14/10, at NASA/GSFC

Kingtse Mo, CPC; Michael Ek, EMC; Randal Koster, GSFC: "Objective Drought Monitoring and Prediction" (ppt_mo, ppt_ek, ppt_koster) (Abstract)

3/31/10, at NCEP

V. Krishnamurthy, COLA: "Predictability of Monsoons in CFS"  (ppt)  (Abstract)

3/24/10, at COLA

Rongqian Yang, EMC: "Impact of Coupled Versus Observed SST on Summer Season Precipitation over the America with the NCEP CFS Using Different Land Surface Models and Initial Conditions"  (ppt)  (Abstract)

2/3/10 at NCEP

Randy Wu, COLA: "ENSO Prediction Skill in the CFS" (ppt)

1/13/10 at COLA

Eric Wood, Princeton University: "Towards a Global Drought Monitoring and Forecasting Capability"

12/15/09 at NCEP

Sumant Nigam, UM/ESSIC, AOSC: "Droughts over the US Great Plains and the Indo-Gangetic Plain: The Remarkable Influence of SSTs"  (Abstract)

11/19/09 at COLA

Yan Xue, NCEP/CPC: "The NCEP GODAS Ocean Analysis of the Tropical Pacific Mixed Layer Heat Budget on Seasonal to Iinterannual Time Scales" (ppt)

11/3/09 at NCEP

Ron Zhang, UM/ESSIC: "Ocean Biology-Induced Climate Feedback Effects on Interannual Variability in the Tropical Pacific: A Missing Process in the NCEP CFS"  (ppt)

10/19/09 at NCEP

Raghu Murtugudde, UM/ESSIC: "Pathogens, HABs, Swine flu: What can CTB do?"   (ppt)



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