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  1. U.S Climate Change Science Program Workshop  - Climate Service in Support of Decision Making, Arlington, Virginia, 14-16 November 2005

  2. NOAA's 30th Annual Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop, State College, Pennsylvania, 24-28 October 2005

  3. Climate Prediction Center providing Pakistan/Kashmir earthquake relief products   (10/25/05)

  4. 2005 U.S. Drought Monitor Forum, Holiday Inn Capitol, Washington, D.C., 20-21 October 2005

  5. NWS/Western Region Hydrology Research to Operations Meeting, Park City, Utah, 4-6 October 2005

  6. Development of Improved Observations Workshop, Greenbelt, MD, 28-30 September 2005

  7. Examine MJO precipitation signal simulated by NCEP GFS and CFS models   (9/19/05)  [Print Version]

  8. Response of precipitation to soil moisture constraints in the NCEP global model simulations  (9/14/05)

  9. Announcement for the release of CFS daily data  (8/11/05)

  10. NIDIS planning activities update  (8/11/05)

  11. NOAA-16 OLR missing data alert  (8/03/05)

  12. Searching into the cause of southward displacement of ITCZ in CFS simulation (7/18/05)

  13.   [Print Version]

  14. GODAS data discontinuity and impact on CFS forecast bias  (7/08/05)

  15.   [Print Version]

  16. Discussions on NOAA/CTB Science Priority and Transition Plan  (6/27/05)

  17. Progress in NOAA's Water Resources  Program  (5/26/05)

  18. S&T Infusion Memo: Transition of NOAA OGP supported research  (5/10/05)

  19. Visit Corps of Engineers' Institute for Water Resources (IWR) for NIDIS (5/4/05)

  20. NOAA NIDIS Implementation Team kickoff  (4/5/05)

  21. NOAA/CTB/CST discussions on model overconfidence in prediction  (3/24/05)

  22. A proposed web site of NCEP’s global ocean data assimilation  (3/7/05)

  23. Water Vapor Sensing System (2) (WVSS2) installed and flying on Unites Parcel Service (UPS) B-757 aircraft  (3/3/05)

  24. Consensus on El Niņo and La Niņa definition  (2/23/05)


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