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  1. Review of the NCEP production suite, 12-14 Dec. 2006

  2. NCEP 3rd NWP Ensemble User Workshop, Laurel, MD, 31 Oct. - 2 Nov. 2006

  3. NCEP Global Forecast System Upgrade Implementation  (8/22/06)

  4. NOAA's 31st Annual Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop will be held from October 23-27, 2006 in Boulder, Colorado  (7/27/06)

    Agenda and Presentations, Abstracts, Poster List, Scientific Questions

  5. Better serving the user community — GODAS web data access update  (6/29/06)

  6. FY06 in retrospect   —  NOAA Climate Testbed memorandum for 2nd Science Advisory Board Meeting (6/27/06)

  7. National Weather Service, Office of Science and Technology announces availability of Federal assistance via CSTAR Program  (6/12/06)

  8. NOAA reports warmest April on record in U.S. and drought persists across south and southwest  (5/16/06)

  9. 4th NOAA Annual Climate Prediction Applications Science Workshop Summaries  -  Learning R&D needs from what users doing  (3/31/06)

  10. NOAA releases 2006 spring outlook   - NOAA news and CPC forecast discussions  (3/16/06)

  11. Conclusion of 2005-2006 winter forecast  (3/9/06)

  12. NOAA/NWS launches distributed hydrologic model intercomparison project - phase 2 (DMIP 2)  (2/14/06)

  13. 2005 skillful hurricane seasonal outlook  (2/2/06)

  14. La Niņa here as predicted (News from NOAA, 2 February 2006)

  15. Climate Test Bed (CTB)/Climate Prediction Center (CPC) - Climate Service Division (CSD) Partnership Meeting, Camp Spring, Maryland, 26 January 2006

  16. 2nd NCPO-NWS Dialogue, Silver Spring, Maryland, 4 January 2006

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