Requirements-based Management Process for Operations and Services Improvement

This chart explains the concept of requirements-based management process for operations and services improvement.  The whole process under the Planning Programming Budgeting Services process is divided into five stages.

Stage 1: need/opportunity collection

Stage 2: validation

Stage 3: research and analysis

Stage 4: operational development

Stage 5: deploy, maintains & assess

There are four gates to be set between the stages to check on the following.

Gate 1 (between Stage 1 to 2): input documentation & validation resourcing

Gate 2 (between Stage 2 to 3): research & analysis, approval & resourcing

Gate 3 (between Stage 3 to 4): solution selection & resourcing

Gate 4 (between Stage 4 to 5): defelopment decision & resourcing

To advance from a lower stage to a higher stage, the core document is required by each gate, which should include:

G1 Core Document:  need identification document.

G2 Core Document:  1) statement of need, 2) operations concept, 3) operational requirements, 4) activity plan. 

G3 Core Document:  1) Business case, 2) requirements document, 3) operational development plan.

G4 Core Document:  1) development decision document, 2) development, maintenance & assessment plan.

It is very important to closely interact with user feedbacks as well as research and assessment results in all development stages.



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