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Collaborative Science, Technology, and Applied Research (CSTAR) Program: Current and Past Awards

Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting (QPF)

Albany/SUNY (05/01/07 – 04/30/10): Cooperative Research with the NWS on Cool- and Warm-Season Precipitation Forecasting over the Northeastern U.S. (Bosart and Keyser)

NC State (05/01/07 – 04/30/10): Improving Understanding and Prediction of Warm Season Precipitation Systems in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic Regions (Lackmann, Parker, Xie)

Albany/SUNY (04/01/04 – 03/31/08): Continuing Studies of Cool and Warm Season Precipitation Events over the Northeastern United States

NC State (06/01/03 – 05/31/07): Improving Cold Season QPF in the Southeast U.S.

Florida State (05/01/01 – 04/30/04): Operational system for probabilistic QPF

Albany/SUNY (01/01/01 – 12/31/03): Improving prediction of cool- and warm-season heavy precipitation events over the Northeast U.S.

Saint Louis (5/1/00-4/30/03): Improved QPF in the Central Region

Modeling and Analysis

Utah (05/01/07 – 04/30/10): Improved Monitoring, Analysis, and Prediction of High Impact Weather (Horel, Steenburgh, and Whiteman)

Oklahoma (05/01/07 – 04/30/10): A partnership to develop, conduct, and evaluate real-time high-resolution ensemble and deterministic forecasts for convective-scale hazardous weather (Droegemeier, Xue, Kong, Coniglio)

Washington (05/01/07 – 04/30/10): Improvement of Mesoscale Analysis and Prediction (Mass and Hakim)

Utah (07/01/04 – 06/30/08): Numerical Weather Prediction, Local Weather, Mesoscale Observations in Intermountain West

Washington (10/01/03 – 9/30/07): High-resolution numerical weather prediction, grid post-processing, ensemble methodologies

Florida State (10/01/03 – 09/30/07): Ensemble precipitation forecasts, cloud-to-ground lightning climatologies, hydrological modeling for flash flood events

Utah (07/01/01 – 06/30/04): Numerical weather prediction and local weather in the Intermountain West


Hawaii (08/01/08 - 07/31/11): Evaluation of Flash Flood Prediction Models for Small Watersheds in Tropical Islands (Fares, Chu, Michaud)


Washington (08/01/08 - 07/31/11): Improving Marine Weather Prediction with Satellite-Derived Products (Patoux, Brown)

Florida Institute of Technology (05/01/07 - 04/30/10): A Real-Time Coupled Wave/Atmospheric Regional Forecast and Analysis System: CWARFS (Lazarus, Zarillo, Chiao)

Rhode Island (5/1/00-4/30/03): Transitioning coupled hurricane-ocean model to operations

Forecast/Warning Processes

Texas A&M (08/01/08 - 07/31/11): Lightning in the Nowcasting and Warning Process: Cooperative Research Applied to NWS Needs and Priorities (Orville, Schumacher)

Saint Louis (10/01/03 – 09/30/07): Improving Prediction of Significant Weather Events in CR

NC State (5/1/00-4/30/03): Topographically-forced weather systems in Carolinas and Virginia

Texas A&M (04/01/01 – 03/31/04): Lightning climatologies/QPF in Southern Region


Oklahoma (04/01/04 – 03/31/07): Improving Tornado Detection with WSR-88D Using Spectral Analysis

Desert Research Institute (1/1/00-12/31/02): Improving WSR-88D QPEs in the Inter-mountain West


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