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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a mentor?
A mentor is a person who shares with another individual their expertise or knowledge of a particular subject or subject matter. According to Webster dictionary, a mentor is defined as “a trusted counselor or guide.”
What is a mentee?
A mentee is the individual with whom the mentor shares their knowledge.
Why do we need a mentoring program?
A mentoring program will be useful to those individuals interested in gaining knowledge of a particular subject not previously familiar to them. A mentoring program will help with retaining of valuable knowledge which otherwise could be lost when employees leave or retire. Mentoring can also facilitate new employees transitioning into their duties.
What can the program do for me as a mentee?
This program will provide opportunities for learning and meeting new people. Additionally, through a mentoring program, you can build confidence as leaders and team players.
What is expected of the mentor/mentee?
The mentor will volunteer a short amount of their time to educate or train a mentee (or a group of mentees) in a specific subject. The mentee will attend those individual or group training sessions.
What is the time commitment?
The amount of time to spend for training is up to the individual groups of mentors/mentees. We expect mentors/mentees to volunteer about an hour or two every two weeks.
How do I get involved?
Visit the “Training Topics” link on our website and volunteer your time, or submit your questions and comments! You can also send a direct email to GEMS ( Please include your name and area of expertise or subject you want to learn so we can correctly match you with someone of the same interest!
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