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Office of Science and Technology

Committee Charge

The Mesoscale Analysis Committee (MAC), under the auspices of the National Weather Service Office of Science and Technology, has been established to address critical science and technology needs for high-resolution objective analyses of the atmosphere.

The charge to the committee is as follows: foster planning, development, testing, and implementation of high spatial and temporal resolution analyses of the atmosphere with particular attention placed on weather and climate conditions near the surface. Efforts will emphasize both real-time operational requirements and state of the science strategies to define the best possible "analysis of record." A high priority task of the Committee is to assess to what extent existing analysis capabilities can be used to establish an early baseline effort. Coordination with existing working groups, both within and external to NOAA/NWS, is also a high priority, and, as efforts get underway, broader community support must be pursued.

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Office of Science and Technology
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