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Numerical Prediction Planning:

The theme of the OST Numerical Prediction Integrated Work Team (NP-IWT) is science and technology (S&T) infusion planning for numerical prediction. Now that the MAR is complete, the NWS must look ahead to the science and technology advancements which will enable our products and services in the next decades. To begin this task, the Office of Science and Technology has drafted Version 1 of an NWS Science and Technology Infusion Plan (STIP). The STIP is organized along three planning time frames (near-, mid- and long-term) and focuses on 6 areas of advancement: Enabling Technologies, Observations, Numerical Prediction and Data Assimilation, Forecast Techniques and Product / Information Preparation, Dissemination, and Fundamental Research. The NP IWT group interacts with all these project areas, with specific emphasis on data assimilation and numerical prediction.

Below are links to some NP-IWT materials:

STIP 2001

STIP02 NP materials

IWT members

Current L-NWP plan

L-NWP Presentations

L-NWP workshops

L-NWP Demonstration links


General NOAA/NWS S&T plans from the following written sources:

NWS' Strategic Plan and Implementation Guide,
NOAA's Strategic Plan,
The Technology & Infusion Panel Committee Report for NWS, 1999 - Dr. Craig E. Dorman
and NAS/NRC reports (especially NRC's Vision for the NWS).


For additional information, please contact: 

Jeff McQueen- 301-713-3557, ext. 183

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