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share your weather storyHow to Avoid Getting Caught in a Rip Current

  • Learn more about rip currents and beach safety developed by Texas A&M
  • Check water conditions before going in by looking at the local beach forecast before you leave for the beach and talking to the lifeguard at the beach.
  • Only swim at a beach with lifeguards. The chances of drowning at a beach with lifeguards are 1 in 18 million (U.S. Lifesaving Association).
  • Don't assume! Great weather for the beach does not always mean it's safe to swim or even play in the shallows. Rip currents often form on calm, sunny days.
  • Learn how to spot a rip current. The Break the Grip of the Rip free online training will help you learn how to spot a rip current.
  • What are scientists doing to keep swimmers safer? Find out in this video: Predict the Rip
  • Rip currents aren't the only deadly beach hazard. Learn more about dangerous waves and other hazards and why you should never to turn your back on the ocean.

Third party sources that promote rip current and beach safety information are listed on this page and on pages on this safety website. If you are a provider of rip current or beach safety information and would like to be listed here, contact or NWS does not endorse these non-federal sites. Any fee or payment required for service is the responsibility of the consumer.

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