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Project Milestones and Schedule 

(Under Construction!!)

The overall goal of this project is to take all steps necessary to provide timely acquisition and continued availability of the radiosonde observing system. To ensure the operation of this NWS observing program is not interrupted, an initial contract award for the generic ground-based telemetry system was completed in August 1999. Additional contracts related to the main acquisition of GPS radiosondes, computers, and surface observing instruments will be awarded in FY 2000 and 2001. Specific timing of these acquisitions are dependent upon available funding.

The program goal is to replace the current IBM PC/XT computer as soon as possible. New processing software will be field tested beginning in March, 2001, with full field implementation (on the new computers connected to the existing ground telemetry equipment) beginning in the third quarter of FY 2001. The old telemetry equipment and radiosonde signal processor modules will be replaced during the period FY 2002 through FY 2005. The system will become fully operational throughout the entire network by February, 2005.


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