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Notice to vendors:   This site should only be used for general guidance.  Official documents related to ongoing acquisitions are posted on NOAA's Acquisition Management Division web site.    Look for "Open CBD Announcements" and "Solicitation Information."

COMMITS Contract Documents
Software Requirements (zipped Wordperfect documents)
Software Specifications (zipped documents)
Software Design (zipped Corel Presentation files)
Signal Processing Interface Protocol (zipped)

Previous contract activities:

Radiosonde / Signal Processing System Documents   
Statement of Work Word Perfect
Specification Document Word Perfect


Telemetery Receiver System Documents
Statement of Work
Change Pages Set 1
Change Pages Set 2
Specification Document(zipped)
Change Pages Set 1
Change Pages Set 2


Balloon Inflation and Launch Shelters
Request for Information


Signal Processing System Testing software provided by the Government

Radiosonde Protocol eXecutive (RPX), GPS Version 4.15, released 5/2001.  The RPX is a suite of software used to implement the NWS RRS SPS protocol as described in the RRS SPS Interface Specification.  The RPX program, the source code, user documentation and script files are currently available via a zip file to interested parties.  Enter "UNZIP -d rpx-v415" to 'unzip' the file and to re-create the directory tree.


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