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Use Client-side image maps instead of server-side image maps except where the regions can't be defined with an available geometric shape.

For client-side image maps, the user's computer converts the coordinates of the mouse location into the "region" that the user is pointing towards. This region can then have its own alternative text. 

In the example below, if a user is pointing at the National Weather Service's Eastern Region (indicated in green), their computer can identified they are user is pointing at an area called "Eastern Region".

Because the user's computer is "aware" of the different regions (as opposed to just the coordinates), alternative text can be provided. 

Puerto Rico is in Southern Region Southern Region Eastern Region Central Region Western Region Alaska Region Pacific Region National Weather Service Regions
National Weather Service Regions
Eastern | Southern | Central | Western | Alaska | Pacific 


Coding of the Client-side images (some coordinates deleted for example):

<div align="center">
<map name="FPMap0">
<area href="" shape="rect" coords="273, 189, 290, 195" alt="Puerto Rico is in Southern Region">
<area href="" shape="polygon" coords="249, 184, 164, 161, 194, 165, 190, 156, 223, 156" alt="Southern Region">
<area href="" shape="polygon" coords="211, 73, 277, 35, 240, 60, 225, 73" alt="Eastern Region">
<area href="" shape="polygon" coords="115, 25, 77, 72, 81, 47, 115, 51" alt="Central Region">
<area href="" shape="polygon" coords="112, 26, 72, 143, 85, 79, 74, 72, 79, 48, 113, 48" alt="Western Region">
<area href="" shape="polygon" coords="93, 154, 55, 182, 62, 152" alt="Alaska Region">
<area href="" shape="polygon" coords="4, 135, 41, 163, 24, 146" ALT="Pacific Region">
</map><img border="2" src="regionsml.gif" usemap="#FPMap0" width="300" height="215" alt="National Weather Service Regions" align="center">

You can also see how a map with a large number of "hot spots" could benefit from a separate listing of each "hotspot" . Although not required, providing such a listing may provide even greater accessibility. 

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