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All frames should be titled with names that indicate their purpose, such as Main Navigation Bar, Table of Contents, Content Frame for Main Document Display, etc. Frame titles that give the visually impaired no clue such as "frame 1, frame 2, frame 3" or "top, left, right, bottom" should be avoided.

A properly titled frameset:

<FRAMESET ROWS="20%,*,30%">
<FRAME SRC="f1.htm" title="Title and main navigation bar frame">
<FRAMESET COLS="20%,*,">
<FRAME SRC="f2.htm" title="Table of Contents frame">
<FRAME SRC="f3.htm" title="Content viewing frame">
<FRAME SRC="f4.htm" title="Copyright, acknowledgment and secondary navigation frame">

Use the "title" attribute of the FRAME element to briefly explain the function of each frame. In some cases, you might feel that the purpose or content of your FRAME or FRAMESET may be too complicated to explain in just a few words. In those cases, use the "longdesc" attribute of the FRAME element to provide a link to a document that contains a complete description of the complex frame, or of the relationships between the various frames, e.g.: 

<FRAME src="main.htm" longdesc="maindesc.htm" title="Main content frame.">

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