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PVC-5 GTS Alphanumeric Data Bulletins
RMTN-IV Alphanumeric Data Satellite Broadcast
WWW Broadcast From RTH Washington

The list of bulletins will be transmitted "when available" from the Washington RTH in the GTS alphanumeric data stream. Some of the bulletin descriptions can be found in WMO Manual 9 Volume C or obtained from a   translation of   the abbreviated heading by WMO Manual 386. The WMO announcements from Geneva are provided through the transmission of the NOXX01 LSSW bulletins.

The following addressed administrative message headings are routed on this service.
where CCCC is replaced with the four letter site identification characters of a two way VSAT location.

For example:     TNCC would replace the cccc of the WMO heading to make BMAA01 TNCC.

The bulletin structure complies with WMO Manual 386, part II format as described under International Alphabet No. 5.

Switched WMO bulletins by heading is updated routinely.

NOTE:     Some abbreviated headings do not comply with WMO standards. The two digit   ii group is single or missing. Changes will be required by the providers of the data and will be notified to the users as they are made.


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