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PVC-1 WAFS GRIB Products

Model Output Products for the 06, 12, 18, and 24 Hr products available 0330UTC & 1540UTC and the 30 Hr and 36 Hr products available 0340UTC & 1555UTC:

                                            WMO Header         
FIELD                    SIZE   6 Hr   12 Hr  18 Hr  24 Hr  30 Hr  36 Hr
                                FCST   FCST   FCST   FCST   FCST   FCST
Temp at 850 hPa            4.5KB   HTxB85  HTxC85  HTxD85  HTxE85  HTxF85  HTxG85
Temp at 700 hPa            4.5KB   HTxB70  HTxC70  HTxD70  HTxE70  HtxF70  HTxG70
Temp at 500 hPa            4.1KB   HTxB50  HTxC50  HTxD50  HTxE50  HtxF50  HTxG50
Temp at 400 hPa            4.1KB   HTxB40  HTxC40  HTxD40  HTxE40  HTxF40  HTxG40
Temp at 300 hPa            4.1KB   HTxB30  HTxC30  HTxD30  HTxE30  HTxF30  HTxG30
Temp at 250 hPa            4.1KB   HTxB25  HTxC25  HTxD25  HTxE25  HTxF25  HTxG25
Temp at 200 hPa            4.1KB   HTxB20  HTxC20  HTxD20  HTxE20  HTxF20  HTxG20
Temp at 150 hPa            4.1KB   HTxB15  HTxC15  HTxD15  HTxE15  HTxF15  HTxG15
Temp at 100 hPa            4.1KB   HTxB10  HTxC10  HTxD10  HTxE15  HTxF10  HTxG10
Temp at 070 hPa            4.1KB   HTxB07  HTxC07  HTxD07  HTxE07  HTxF07  HTxG07
Temp at trop               4.1KB   HTxB97  HTxC97  HTxD97  HTxE97  HTxF97  HTxG97
Temp at max wnd            4.5KB   HTxB96  HTxC96  HTxD96  HTxE96  HTxF96  HTxG96
U-Comp wind at 850 hPa     4.3KB   HUxB85  HUxC85  HUxD85  HUxE85  HUxF85  HUxG85
U-Comp wind at 700 hPa     4.3KB   HUxB70  HUxC70  HUxD70  HUxE70  HUxF70  HUxG70
U-Comp wind at 500 hPa     4.5KB   HUxB50  HUxC50  HUxD50  HUxE70  HUxF50  HUxG50
U-Comp wind at 400 hPa     4.5KB   HUxB40  HUxC40  HUxD40  HUxE40  HUxF40  HUxG40
U-Comp wind at 300 hPa     4.5KB   HUxB30  HUxC30  HUxD30  HUxE30  HUxF30  HUxG30
U-Comp wind at 250 hPa     4.6KB   HUxB25  HUxC25  HUxD25  HUxE25  HUxF25  HUxG25
U-Comp wind at 200 hPa     4.6KB   HUxB20  HUxC20  HUxD20  HUxE20  HUxF20  HUxG20
U-Comp wind at 150 hPa     4.6KB   HUxB15  HUxC15  HUxD15  HUxE15  HUxF15  HUxG15
U-Comp wind at 100 hPa     4.6KB   HUxB10  HUxC10  HUxD10  HUxE10  HUxF10  HUxG10
U-Comp wind at 070 hPa     4.6KB   HUxB07  HUxC07  HUxD07  HUxE07  HUxF07  HUxG07
U-Comp wind at trop        4.6KB   HUxB97  HUxC97  HUxD97  HUxE97  HUxF97  HUxG97
U-comp wind at max wnd     5.0KB   HUxB96  HUxC96  HUxD96  HUxE96  HUxF96  HUxG96
V-comp wind at 850 hPa     4.3KB   HVxB85  HVxC85  HVxD85  HVxE85  HVxF85  HVxG85
V-comp wind at 700 hPa     4.3KB   HVxB70  HVxC70  HVxD70  HVxE70  HVxF70  HVxG70
V-comp wind at 500 hPa     4.5KB   HVxB50  HVxC50  HVxD50  HVxE50  HVxF50  HVxG50
V-comp wind at 400 hPa     4.6KB   HVxB40  HVxC40  HVxD40  HVxE40  HVxF40  HVxG40
V-comp wind at 300 hPa     4.6KB   HVxB30  HVxC30  HVxD30  HVxE30  HVxF30  HVxG30
V-comp wind at 250 hPa     4.6KB   HVxB25  HVxC25  HVxD25  HVxE25  HVxF25  HVxG25
V-comp wind at 200 hPa     4.6KB   HVxB20  HVxC20  HVxD20  HVxE20  HVxF20  HVxG20
V-comp wind at 150 hPa     4.6KB   HVxB15  HVxC15  HVxD15  HVxE15  HVxF15  HVxG15
V-comp wind at 100 hPa     4.3KB   HVxB10  HVxC10  HVxD10  HVxE10  HVxF10  HVxG10
V-comp wind at 070 hPa     4.3KB   HVxB07  HVxC07  HVxD07  HVxE07  HVxF07  HVxG07
V-comp wind at trop        4.6KB   HVxB97  HVxC97  HVxD97  HVxE97  HVxF97  HVxG97
V-comp wind at max wnd     5.0KB   HVxB96  HVxC96  HVxD96  HVxE96  HVxF96  HVxG96
Height of trop             5.0KB   HHxB97  HHxC97  HHxD97  HHxE97  HHxF97  HHxG97
Height of max wnd          5.0KB   HHxB96  HHxC96  HHxD96  HHxE96  HHxF96  HHxG96

The following products are available 0340UTC & 1555UTC

                                           WMO Header          
FIELD                    SIZE   6 Hr   12 Hr  18 Hr  24 Hr  30 Hr  36 Hr
                                FCST   FCST   FCST   FCST   FCST   FCST
Temp at surface            4.5KB   HTxB98  HTxC98  HTxD98  HTxE98  HTxF98  HTxG98
Temp at 1000 hPa           4.5KB   HTxB99  HTxC99  HTxD99  HTxE99  HTxF99  HTxG99
U-Comp wind at surface     4.1KB   HUxB98  HUxC98  HUxD98  HUxE98  HUxF98  HUxG99
U-Comp wind at 1000 hPa    4.1KB   HUxB99  HUxC99  HUxD99  HUxE99  HUxF99  HUxG99
V-comp wind at surface     4.1KB   HVxB98  HVxC98  HVxD98  HVxE98  HVxF98  HVxG98
V-comp wind at 1000 hPa    4.1KB   HVxB99  HVxC99  HVxD99  HVxE99  HVxF99  HVxG99
Pressure at surface        5.6KB   HPxB98  HPxC98  HPxD98  HPxE98  HPxF98  HPxG98
Mean sea level pressure    4.5KB   HPxB89  HPxC89  HPxD89  HPxE89  HPxF89  HPxG89
Total PCP at surface       4.0KB   HExB98  HExC98  HExD98  HExE98  HFxF98  HFxG98
Conv PCP at surface        3.3KB   HGxB98  HGxC98  HGxD98  HGxE98  HGxF98  HGxG98
Height at 1000 hPa         4.3KB   HHxB99  HHxC99  HHxD99  HHxE99  HHxF99  HHxG99
Height at  850 hPa         4.3KB   HHxB85  HHxC85  HHxD85  HHxE85  HHxF85  HHxG85
Height at  700 hPa         4.3KB   HHxB70  HHxC70  HHxD70  HHxE70  HHxF70  HHxG70
Height at  500 hPa         4.6KB   HHxB50  HHxC50  HHxD50  HHxE50  HHxF50  HHxG50
Height at  400 hPa         4.6KB   HHxB40  HHxC40  HHxD40  HHxE40  HHxF40  HHxG40
Height at  300 hPa         5.0KB   HHxB30  HHxC30  HHxD30  HHxE30  HHxF30  HHxG30
Height at  250 hPa         5.0KB   HHxB25  HHxC25  HHxD25  HHxE25  HHxF25  HHxG25
Height at  200 hPa         5.0KB   HHxB20  HHxC20  HHxD20  HHxE20  HHxF20  HHxG20
Height at  150 hPa         5.0KB   HHxB15  HHxC15  HHxD15  HHxE15  HHxF15  HHxG15
Height at  100 hPa         4.7KB   HHxB10  HHxC10  HHxD10  HHxE10  HHxF10  HHxG10
Height at   70 hPa         4.7KB   HHxB07  HHxC07  HHxD07  HHxE07  HHxF07  HHxG07
Rel.Humidity at surface    3.3KB   HRxB98  HRxC98  HRxD98  HRxE98  HRxF98  HRxG98
Rel.Humidity at 1000hPa    3.3KB   HRxB99  HRxC99  HRxD99  HRxE99  HRxF99  HRxG99
Rel.Humidity at  850hPa    3.3KB   HRxB85  HRxC85  HRxD85  HRxE85  HRxF85  HRxG85
Rel.Humidity at  700hPa    3.3KB   HRxB70  HRxC70  HRxD70  HRxE70  HRxF70  HRxG70
Rel.Humidity at  500hPa    3.3KB   HRxB50  HRxC50  HRxD50  HRxE50  HRxF50  HRxG50
Rel.Humidity at  400hPa    3.3KB   HRxB40  HRxC40  HRxD40  HRxE40  HRxF40  HRxG40
Rel.Humidity at  300hPa    3.3KB   HRxB30  HRxC30  HRxD30  HRxE30  HRxF30  HRxG30
Vert Vel at  850hPa        5.4KB   HOxB85  HOxC85  HOxD85  HOxE85  HOxF85  HOxG85
Vert Vel at  700hPa        5.4KB   HOxB70  HOxC70  HOxD70  HOxE70  HOxF70  HOxG70
Vert Vel at  500hPa        5.4KB   HOxB50  HOxC50  HOxD50  HOxE50  HOxF50  HOxG50
Vert Vel at  400hPa        5.4KB   HOxB40  HOxC40  HOxD40  HOxE40  HOxF40  HOxG40
Vert Vel at  300hPa        5.4KB   HOxB30  HOxC30  HOxD30  HOxE30  HOxF30  HOxG30

Where the x is to be replaced with the geographical area of a value from I through P as defined.

The size is one octant of the thinned 1.25 deg X 1.25 deg grid stored in GRIB format.


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