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Table C6

Data Type Designator A1
(when T1   =   I, or J)

Instructions for the proper application of the data type designators

1. The designators specified in this table should be used to the greatest extent possible to indicate the type of data contained within the body of the BUFR bulletin.

2. Where more than one data type is contained in the bulletin, the designators for only one of the data types should be used.

3. When the table does not contain a suitable designator for the data type, an alphabetic designator which is not assigned in the table should be introduced and the WMO Secretariat notified.
T1   = I   Observational Data
T2   = S   Surface
Designator Data Type
A Land based hourly reports
C Climatic reports
I Land intermediate synoptic reports
M Land based main synoptic reports
N Land based asynoptic intermediate reports
P Land based hourly specials
R Hydrologic reports
S Floating platforms (ship, bouy, etc.)
X Other surface data
Z Bulletins with mixed data type reports

T1   = I   Observational Data
T2   = U   Upper Air
Designator Data Type
A Single level aircraft reports
B Single level balloon reports
C Single level satellite derived reports
D Dropsonde/dropwindsondes
M Model derived sondes
N Rocketsondes
P Profilers
R Radiance data
S Radiosondes/pibal reports
T Satellite derived sondes
X Other upper air reports
Z Mixed upper air reports

T1   = I   Observational Data
T2   = T   TEXT
Designator Data Type
A Administrative message
B Service message
R Request for data (inclusive of type)
X Other text messages of information
Z Mixed text types

T1   = I   Observational Data
Designator Data Type
I Satellte imagery data
R Radar reports
X Not defined
Z Mixed data types

T1   = I or J   Observational Data / Forecast Products
T2   = O   Oceanographic/Limnographic
Designator Data Type
I Sea ice
S Sea surface and below soundings
T Sea surface temperature
W Sea surface waves
X Other sea environmetal
Z Mixed collection of oceanographic types

T1   = J   Forecast Products
T2   = S   Surface/Sea Level
Designator Data Type
A Surface area forecast (e.g. airway)
M Surface forecast (e.g. MOS)
P Forecast amendments (e.g. airways)
R Hydrologic forecast
S Forecast amendments (TAF)
T Aerodrome forecast (TAF)
X Other surface forecasts
Z Mixed collection of forecast types

T1   = J   Forecast Products
T2   = U   Upper Air
Designator Data Type
A Forecast at single levels
B Binary coded SIGWX, Embedded Cimulonimbus
C Binary coded SIGWX, Clear-air turbulence
F Binary dcoded SIGWX, Fronts
N Binary coded SIGWX, Other SIGWX parameters
O Binary coded SIGWX, Turbulence
S Forecast soundings
T Binary coded SIGWX, Icing/Tropopause
V Binary coded SIGWX, Tropical storms, sandstorms, volcanoes
W Binary coded SIGWX, High-level winds
X Other upper air forecasts
Z Mixed collection of forecast types

T1   = J   Forecast Products
T2   = T   TEXT WARNINGS/Notices
Designator Data Type
E Tsunami
H Hurricane, typhoon, tropical storm warning
S Severe weather, SIGMET
T Tornado warning
X Other warnings
Z Mixed collection of warnings

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