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Table C8

Geographical area designator A

Instructions for the proper application of the data type designator

1. The designator specified in this table should be used to the greatest extent possible to indicate the geographical area of the data contained within the text of the bulletin.

2. Where the geographical area of the data does not correspond exactly with the designator, the designator for the area most approximating that of the data may be used.

3. When the table does not contain a suitable designator for the geographical area, an alphabetic designator which is not assigned in the table will be introduced.

(when T1 = H)
U.S. National Table derived from WMO Table C3
Designator Geographical Area NCEP Grid No.
A 0 - 180E northern hemisphere [21]
B 180W - 0 northern hemisphere [22]
C 0 - 180E southern hemisphere [23]
D 180W - 0 southern hemisphere [24]
E 0 - 355E northern hemisphere [25]
F 0 - 355E southern hemisphere [26]
G Regional use  
H Not assigned  
I 30W - 60E northern hemisphere [37]
J 60W - 150E northerm hemisphere [38]
K 150E - 120W northern hemisphere [39]
L 120W - 30W northern hemisphere [40]
M 30W - 60E southern hemisphere [41]
N 60W - 150E southern hemisphere [42]
O 150E - 120W southern hemisphere [43]
P 120W - 30W southern hemisphere [44]
Q-S Not assigned  
T 0 - 180E northern hemisphere [61]
U 180W - 0 northern hemisphere [62]
V 0 - 180E southern hemisphere [63]
W 180W - 0 southern hemisphere [64]
X Regional use  
Y-Z Not assigned  

Geographical area designator A

(when T1 = Y or Z)
Designator Geographical Area NCEP Grid No.
A northern hemisphere [201]
B Not assigned  
C Not assigned  
D Not assigned  
E Not assigned  
F AWIPS [215]
H National CONUS w/Double Resolution [213]
I National CONUS [202]
J National Alaska [203]
K National Hawaii [204]
L National Puerto Rico [205]
M Regional MARD [206]
N Regional Alaska [207]
O Regional Hawaii [208]
P Regional Puerto Rico [210]
Q Regional CONUS [211]
R Regional CONUS w/Double Resolution [212]
S Regional MARD w/Double Resolution [209]
T Regional Alaska w/Double Resolution [214]
U Regional CONUS [215]
V Regional Alaska [216]
W AWIPS [236]
X Current icing potential (CIP2) [255]
Y-Z Not assigned  

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