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Purpose of the Central switching System (Gateway)

The Gateway performs a critical communications function. Other agencies of the U.S. Government depend on the operation of this communications center for the bulk of their critical meteorological information needs.

The Gateway is the data source for the FAA, DoD, FEMA, and DoA, and provides the meteorological information generated by the NWS field offices including guidance products, warnings, and site observations.

The worldwide meteorological data collection in support of the NCEP is a major function of the Gateway. The ability to acquire data from other countries is essential for the numerical models to be able to generate forecasts and upper-level wind advisories.

The aviation community is dependent upon the Gateway operations for timely flight information supplied to the FAA and public meteorological support centers for tailored product generation for commercial use. The Gateway is the provider of data to the World Area Forecast System (WAFS).

The world community receives all western hemisphere meteorological data and forecasts from the international connections of the Gateway. It is an essential node of the World Weather Watch Global Telecommunication System (GTS). It is designated as the communications part of a World Meteorological Center (WMC) as defined by the WMO. The WMO/GTS system establishes Codes & Standards and is undergoing modernization with network upgrades which will utilize a GTS internet architecture. The supply of meteorological information for NWS is critically dependent on the ability of the Gateway to supply a large volume of data in a timely manner.


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