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The mission of the NWS Training Program is to ensure training needs are met in a cost-effective manner by sustaining an efficient and effective workforce.

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Welcome to the NWS Training Portal! This portal is designed to provide access to all NWS training, including course listings, course descriptions, training schedules, and online materials. Our goal is to provide you with one stop shopping for training! If you have suggestions for improvements, or note any errors, please use the webmasters link at the bottom of the page to share them with the Portal team.

Skillsoft courses are available via the Commerce Learning Center.

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News & Announcements

  • COMET has published Real-time Storm Surge Products. This 30-45 minute lesson describes the real-time storm surge products issued by the National Hurricane Center (NHC) and NWS Weather Forecast Offices during significant tropical cyclone events along the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf coasts. The lesson provides practice in correctly interpreting this real-time storm surge guidance. To access this lesson in the Commerce Learning Center, click here (07/15/16)

  • COMET has published Verification Methods in the NWS National Blend of Global Models (NBM). This less than 30-minute lesson introduces the analysis of record used to verify the NBM, and its superiority to other analyses. Learners will explore single event, grid-to-observation, and grid-to-grid verification methods, as well as how to interpret the results using the NBM Comparative Viewer. To access this lesson in the Commerce Learning Center, click here. A curriculum that groups the four National Blend lessons released by COMET is now available as well. (07/12/16)

  • COMET has published The Science of Radio Occultation and the COSMIC Mission. This lesson discusses the science involved in radio occultation, as well as the contributions of the COSMIC mission to meteorology, climate, and ionospheric applications. The advances in technology and expected improved capabilities of the upcoming COSMIC-2 mission are also discussed. To access this lesson in the Commerce Learning Center, click here. (06/14/16)

  • A new lesson on Post Wildfire Situational Awareness is now available in the Commerce Learning Center. This 15-minute lesson, developed by the NWS Western Region Post Wildfire Hydrology Group, addresses several key topics dealing with wildfire and hydrology, including the factors that create an increased risk of flash floods and debris flows in burn areas. Also covered are unique aspects of burn area flash floods, risk assessments for watersheds in burn areas, and various situational awareness "Best Practice" tools and resources that could aid in the warning decision process for burn area flash floods. (06/08/16)

  • FDTD and VISIT have published Earth Networks Total Lightning Network (ENTLN) on AWIPS. This lesson describes the initial AWIPS implementation of the ENTLN data. Total lightning and its basic AWIPS displays are introduced. Uses of the data within the decision support and warning decision making process are covered, as well as relevant definitions and applications. (06/01/16)

  • The WDTD has released the FY16 Warnings Operations Course (WOC) Flash Flood Track. This course release leverages the training that NWS forecasters completed in FY15 as part of the WFO Flash Flood Hydrology and Warning Operations Training initiative. Courses completed as part of that curriculum will count toward their FY16 effort. To register your staff for the course, please contact WOC Flash Flood Development Team. (01/12/16)


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