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The mission of the NWS Training Program is to ensure training needs are met in a cost-effective manner by sustaining an efficient and effective workforce.

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Welcome to the NWS Training Portal! This portal is designed to provide access to all NWS training, including course listings, course descriptions, training schedules, and online materials. Our goal is to provide you with one stop shopping for training! If you have suggestions for improvements, or note any errors, please use the webmasters link at the bottom of the page to share them with the Portal team.

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News & Announcements

  • The 2014 NOAA IT Security Awareness Course is now available. This course is a mandatory requirement for every NOAA IT user (government, contractor, associate, or temporary personnel), and is due September 23, 2014. (07/24/14)

  • NWS Climate Services Division has published a set of six lessons covering various aspects of the Local Climate Analysis Tool (LCAT). To access this training, see the July section of the NWS Learning Center's New NWS Training Page. (07/21/14)

  • COMET has published a set of four short videos collectively entitled: An Introduction to Geodetic Datums. These videos provide an introduction to the topic for anyone who uses mapping products or other geospatial tools. (07/17/14)

  • COMET has published a new resource: "Quasi-geostrophic Omega Equation". This learning object uses a simple interactive model to demonstrate the connectedness of vorticity and thickness to the omega equation at synoptic scales. (07/10/14)

  • VISIT has announced their schedule of live teletraining sessions through July. All VISIT teletraining is listed on the Training Events Planning Calendar. (07/02/14)

  • COMET has announced the publication of Tropical Cyclone Intensity Analysis. This new lesson summarizes the various methods used to determine the intensity of a tropical cyclone. At the end of the lesson, three case studies task the learner with combining the different methods to derive appropriate intensity estimates. To access this lesson in the NWS Learning Center, click here (06/17/14)

  • In support of the Radar Operations Center release of RDA/RPG Build 14.0 and RPG Build 14.1, the WDTB has training available on this update to the WSR-88D. Everything you need to complete this training can be found at: http://www.wdtb.noaa.gov/buildTraining/Build14/index.php. There are several new and updated features in this build update, including: Supplemental Adaptive Intra-Volume Low-Level Scan (SAILS), Radial by Radial (RxR) Noise Estimation, Dual-Pol RPG Algorithm Adjustments and Storm-Based Auto PRF. (05/22/14)

  • COMET has published Ensemble Applications in Winter. This new 1.5-hour lesson presents a set of Ensemble Prediction System (EPS) products and the statistical concepts behind their development, followed by direct application of lesson content to a significant weather event in southern Ontario. The intended audience includes operational forecasters who want to become more familiar with Ensemble Prediction Systems and their products. To access this lesson in the NWS Learning Center, click here. (05/09/14)

  • A new training session titled Break the Grip of the Rip is now available. This course discusses the structure of rip currents, how they form, and the different types that people may encounter along our nation's coast. The course also explains why people are vulnerable to rip currents, how to spot them, how forecasters predict them, and safety guidelines that can be used to keep you and your family safe. To access this course in the NWS Learning Center, click here. (05/09/14)

  • COMET has announced the publication of Climate Variability and Change Lectures, July 2013. This series of 13 recorded presentations from the summer 2013 offering of COMET's Climate Variability and Change Virtual Course provides an extensive background on a range of topics with emphasis on developing communication skills for challenging climate topics. There are no quizzes on MetEd for these materials, however, NWS users may complete a quiz for each lecture and receive credit in the NWS Learning Center by searching for "Climate Variability and Change Lecture". Alternatively, a learning plan containing all 13 lectures is available on the NWS Learning Center's COMET Page. (04/18/14)

  • NWSTC has announced the publication of the AWIPS-2 System Admin Deployment Refresher Course. This review course is designed for students who have taken the NWSTC residence course "A2SADEP" and need a refresher of the course material before deployment at their site. Click here to access this course in the LMS. (04/01/14)


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