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The mission of the NWS Training Program is to ensure training needs are met in a cost-effective manner by sustaining an efficient and effective workforce.

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Welcome to the NWS Training Portal! This portal is designed to provide access to all NWS training, including course listings, course descriptions, training schedules, and online materials. Our goal is to provide you with one stop shopping for training! If you have suggestions for improvements, or note any errors, please use the webmasters link at the bottom of the page to share them with the Portal team.

Skillsoft courses are available via the Commerce Learning Center.

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News & Announcements

  • The WDTD introduces the new course, "Incorporating Dual-Pol HPE/Bias HPE into Flash Flood Decision Making." This lesson discusses recent enhancements to HPE and Bias HPE precipitation mosaics used with FFMP. This 30 minute lesson is available in the NWS Learning Center. (06/25/15)

  • The WDTD invites you to participate in the July Multiple-Radar/Multiple-Sensor (MRM) Application of the Month (MAM) webinar. The July session is entitled, "MRMS QPE Performance During the 2013-2014, Part 1: Cool Season" and will be Wednesday, July 8th, at 1700 UTC. For more information about the MRMS Application of the Month webinars, and to view recorded versions of previous sessions, go to: http://www.wdtb.noaa.gov/courses/MRMS/. (06/25/15)

  • The new NWS Commerce Learning Center has been launched! This new system has enhanced tools allowing NWS employees to more easily search or browse for DOC, NOAA, and NWS training.  (06/01/15)

  • COMET has announced the publication of Assessing NWP with Water Vapour Imagery. This 1-1.5 hour long lesson examines the relationship between model data and water vapor imagery to help you assess the validity of model forecasts. (05/29/15)

  • COMET has published Forecasting Tropical Cyclone Storm Surge. This 45-minute lesson introduces forecasters to the various probabilistic guidance used by the National Hurricane Center to forecast storm surge. It provides an overview of how these probabilistic surge products are created, their purposes, and why they are preferred to deterministic-only style guidance for specific events. The lesson also provides practice in correctly interpreting probabilistic storm surge guidance at various phases of an event. To access this lesson in the NWS Learning Center, click here. (05/26/15)

  • COMET has published a new 45-minute lesson titled Understanding Heights and Vertical Datums. To access this lesson in the NWS Learning Center, click here. (05/01/15)

  • COMET had published Storm Surge and Datums. This 30-minute lesson provides a brief overview of what a vertical datum is and the types of datums used to observe and forecast storm surge. It also discusses how to interpret storm surge forecasts appropriately using these datums. The intended audience includes forecasters, emergency managers, and others with general interest in tropical cyclone storm surge. To access this lesson in the NWS Learning Center, click here. (04/22/15)

  • COMET has published Introduction to Tropical Cyclone Storm Surge. This 30-45 minute lesson provides a brief introduction to the physical processes of storm surge, its impacts, and the vulnerability of U.S. coasts to this hazard. Factors that affect the severity of storm surge, how it is measured, and related data limitations are also discussed. To access this lesson in the NWS Learning Center, click here. (04/08/15)

  • WDTB has released the AWIPS-2 Thin Client Course in the NWS Learning Center. This short course focuses on the capabilities of the AWIPS-2 Thin Client and to best leverage the Thin Client on limited bandwidth connections for operations and decision support. This course was designed for forecasters at CWSUs, NCDP, RFCs, and WFOs who will provide on-site decision support. (02/18/15)

  • The NWSTC has announced the publication of the Observational Programs Overview Course. This introductory course is open to any NOAA or NWS employee who wishes to learn the importance of NWS observational data and information about each manual observing program. Click here to access this course in the NWS Learn Center. (08/06/14)

  • NWSTC has announced the publication of the AWIPS-2 System Admin Deployment Refresher Course. This review course is designed for students who have taken the NWSTC residence course "A2SADEP" and need a refresher of the course material before deployment at their site. Click here to access this course in the LMS. (04/01/14)


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