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The mission of the NWS Training Program is to ensure training needs are met in a cost-effective manner by sustaining an efficient and effective workforce.

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Welcome to the NWS Training Portal! This portal is designed to provide access to all NWS training, including course listings, course descriptions, training schedules, and online materials. Our goal is to provide you with one stop shopping for training! If you have suggestions for improvements, or note any errors, please use the webmasters link at the bottom of the page to share them with the Portal team.

Skillsoft courses are available via the Commerce Learning Center.

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News & Announcements

  • COMET has published Forecasting Mountain Wave Turbulence for Aviation.  This lesson is intended for NWS forecasters.  Its methodology relies on the spatial and temporal distribution of winds, stability, and clouds to forecast and verify mountain wave turbulence.  Analyzed forecast products include NWP charts, cross sections and soundings, satellite imagery, RAOBs, PIREPS, and graphical guidance (GTG).  To access this lesson in the Commerce Learning Center, click here. (01/03/17)

  • COMET has published Using NWP Lightning Product in Forecasting.  This 20-minute lesson introduces two lightning hazard NWP products that forecasters can use to monitor convection and assess lightning risk.  Flash Rate Density is the first product and SPC Calibrated Thunderstorm Probability is the second.  Information on these products is presented in the context of a case study in which learners determine the potential for lightning to impact a large outdoor event.  To access this lesson in the Commerce Learning Center, click here. (12/16/16)

  • The Satellite Foundational Course for GOES-R (SatFC-G) curriculum is available in the Commerce Learning Center and is required to be completed by all NWS Operational Meteorologists at CONUS WFOs, CWSUs, and National Centers by April 30, 2017.  The Hydrology Track of this curriculum is required for Hydrologists at RFCs. See the learning center's GOES-R Training Page for additional info.    

    For non-NOAA employees: The SHyMet SatFC-G course is available. Your first step is to register for the course by sending an email containing your name to nws.oaa.clo.shymet@noaa.gov . (12/01/16)


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