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NOUS43 KKRF 021439

ATTENTION:  HSA`S serviced by MBRFC.

Primary, secondary, and tertiary forecasters assigned to each major
river basin forecast by Missouri Basin RFC.

These assignments are valid: 10/04/15 - 10/31/15

   Basins                           Primary        Secondary      Tertiary
   ------------------------------   ----------     ----------     ----------
A  Marais des Cygne               * TUNNICLIFF     DUMMER       * LOW
B  Osage                            LAGUE          DUMMER         PREDMORE
C  Upper Dakota Tribs             * WASKO        * SCHALK         LAGUE
     (abv Mandan)
D  Middle Dakota Tribs            * MEYER          PARBEL       * DERNER
     (Mandan - Oahe)
E  Lower Dakota Tribs             * MEYER          PARBEL       * DERNER
     Bad, White, Niobrara
F  Upper Missouri (abv Ft Peck)   * SOLOMON        MEYER          SCHALK
G  Bighorn                        * TUNNICLIFF     SOLOMON      * DUMMER
H  Yellowstone                    * TUNNICLIFF     SOLOMON      * DUMMER
I  Milk                           * SOLOMON        MEYER          SCHALK
J  Smoky Hill (abv Kanopolis)     * SOLOMON      * HOLTS          TUNNICLIFF
     Solomon, Saline
K  Republican (abv Harlan Co)     * SOLOMON      * HOLTS          TUNNICLIFF
     Sappa, Beaver, Prairie Dog
L  Republican (blo Harlan Co)       LOW          * LAGUE          HOLTS
M  Big Blue                         LOW          * LAGUE          HOLTS
N  James-Vermillion               * WASKO        * SCHALK         LAGUE
O  Little/Big Siouxs-Floyd          VIRGILLITO     DERNER         WASKO
P  North Platte                     DERNER         SCHALK         MEYER
     (abv North Platte NE)
R  South Platte                     DERNER         SCHALK         MEYER
     (abv North Platte NE)
S  Loup                           * MEYER          WASKO        * VIRGILLITO
T  Elkhorn-Platte                 * MEYER          WASKO        * VIRGILLITO
     (blo North Platte NE)
U  Smoky Hill (blo Kanoplis)        PREDMORE       VIRGILLITO     PARBEL
V  Kansas                         * PARBEL         TUNNICLIFF     SOLOMON
W  Grand-Chariton                 * PARBEL       * LAGUE        * DUMMER
X  Mo Tribs (Gavins Pt to KC)     * WASKO        * HOLTS        * LOW
Y  Mo Tribs (KC to Mo mouth)        HOLTS          PREDMORE     * VIRGILLITO
Z  Mo Mainstem (blo Gavins Pt)      SCHALK         LOW          * DERNER
   Water Supply                     DUMMER         WASKO          VIRGILLITO

* Designates forecasters with more than normal number of river assignments



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