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AGUS73 KKRF 261634

Daily Hydrologic Activities Discussion
NWS Missouri Basin River Forecast Center Pleasant Hill MO
Sunday April 26, 2015

Moderate to locally heavy rain fell across Western Nebraska, Northeast
Colorado and extreme Northern Montana during the past 24 hours ending
at 12Z Sunday. Most locations reported around one inch rain with a
few locations reporting more. Below is a list of precipiation reports
for the past 24 hours that exceeded one inch.  Elsewhere, scattered
showers were common across the West and South.

 OHAN1     OMAHA, BIG PAPILLION   NE         3.60
 CKKC2     CROOK                  CO         2.80
 CKSC2     CROOK, SO PLATTE R     CO         2.50
 COMR63    LEEDER 10N             CO         1.55
 SNY       SIDNEY AIRPORT         NE         1.51
 CHEY037   SIDNEY 14WSW           NE         1.44
 CSRN1     CASTLE ROCK            NE         1.29
 CHEY002   GURLEY 6SE             NE         1.24
 BLUM8     BLUFF CREEK RAWS       MT         1.14
 LGPN1     LODGEPOLE 8N           NE         1.14
 ORHM8     OPHEIM 21NW, ROCK CR   MT         1.14
 KMBN1     KIMBALL 2NE            NE         1.09

Light to moderate rain is expected across the front range of the
Rocky Mountains and adjacent high plains.  Rainfall amounts of around
0.50 to 0.75 inches are expected today and tonight.

No flooding is occurring the Missouri River Basin and none is expected
during the next 24 hours.

Forecasts issued today:
RVF Group                            Time Z
KSR     KANSAS                            13:37 Z
LRP     LOWER REPUBLICAN                  03:02 Z
MOM     MISSOURI MAINSTEM                 14:20 Z
SPL     SOUTH PLATTE                      14:24 Z
UMO     UPPER MISSOURI                    14:01 Z
YEL     YELLOWSTONE                       14:01 Z



AGUS73 KKRF 251525

Daily Hydrologic Activities Discussion
NWS Missouri Basin River Forecast Center Pleasant Hill MO
Saturday April 25, 2015

Precipitation fell across most of the basin during the past 24 hours
ending at 12z Saturday. Showers and thunderstorms produced heavy
rain in parts of Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota. Locations that
received rainfall greater than one inch in these states are listed

 ID        DESCRIPTION            STATE     04/25
 --------  ---------------------  -----     -----
 WMAK1     WASHINGTON             KS         3.65
 MNPK1     MINNEAPOLIS            KS         3.45
 FCTK1     FACT 3W                KS         2.68
 SYLK1     SYLVAN GROVE 1NE       KS         2.60
 MLTK1     MILTONVALE             KS         2.57
 BRMK1     BREMEN 1E              KS         2.40
 HADK1     HADDAM                 KS         2.17
 TSCK1     TESCOTT, SALINE R      KS         2.09
 BLVK1     BELLEVILLE             KS         1.71
 JEFF002   FAIRBURY 9WSW          NE         1.55
 CLYK1     COLLYER 10S            KS         1.53
 FMTN1     FREMONT                NE         1.52
 JEFF006   FAIRBURY 8NNW          NE         1.44
 ARRN1     AURORA 4N              NE         1.43
 HSI       HASTINGS               NE         1.43
 WEBS009   BLADEN 4SW             NE         1.38
 SLMS2     SALEM 5NE              SD         1.34
 BERS2     WANBLEE 9WSW           SD         1.30
 GLCK1     GLASCO                 KS         1.27
 CSWS2     CASTLEWOOD,BIG SIOUX   SD         1.26
 ZEAK1     HAYS 11NE              KS         1.25
 HSTN1     HASTINGS 4N            NE         1.16
 ADAM008   GLENVIL 2WSW           NE         1.15
 CNK       CONCORDIA              KS         1.14
 EWK       NEWTON AIRPORT         KS         1.12
 BLUN1     BLUE HILL 4SW          NE         1.10
 SCOS2     SCOTLAND, JAMES R      SD         1.10
 OAHN1     OMAHA 9NW              NE         1.09
 CRRS2     CUSTER 2SW RAWS        SD         1.08
 PLNK1     PLAINVILLE 4WNW        KS         1.08
 ADAM010   JUNIATA 7WSW           NE         1.07
 MSNS2     MISSION 14S            SD         1.07
 AXDN1     ALEXANDRIA,BIG SANDY   NE         1.06
 OMCN1     OMAHA 6NW              NE         1.05
 CCRK1     CLAY CENTER            KS         1.03

Rainfall amounts elsewhere were less than one inch.

During the next 24-hour period ending at 12z Sunday, precipitation
can once again be expected across most of the basin. However, the
heavy rain threat has moved out of the basin as rainfall amounts
will generally be half an inch or less in most areas.

No flooding has been reported within the Missouri River Basin and
none is currently forecasted to occur through the next several days.

Forecasts issued today:
RVF Group                              Time Z
KSR     KANSAS                            13:37 Z
MOM     MISSOURI MAINSTEM                 14:27 Z
SPL     SOUTH PLATTE                      14:04 Z
UMO     UPPER MISSOURI                    13:48 Z
YEL     YELLOWSTONE                       13:57 Z



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