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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Nashville TN
1016 AM CDT TUE MAY 24 2016

...Hickman NOAA Weather Radio will be Off the Air...

The Hickman NOAA Weather Radio transmitter...broadcasting on a
frequency of 162.500 MHz...will be off the air for scheduled
maintenance until further notice.

During this time the radios may experience periodic outages. The
technicians will work as quickly as possible to complete the work
and get the audio back up as soon as possible. In the meantime,
please tune to the local media and commercial radio for the latest
weather information. Backup NOAA Weather Radio transmitters are:

Beechgrove...broadcasting on a frequency of 162.475 MHz...or channel
4 on most NOAA Weather Radios...and Cookeville...broadcasting on a
frequency of 162.400 MHz...or channel 1 on most NOAA Weather Radios.

Keep in mind that not all backup transmitters will tone for your
specific county...so please stay weather aware during the radio

Thank You for your patience.  We apologize for any inconvenience
this outage may cause.


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