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SRUS53 KBIS 051316
.A BTTN8 0305 C DH0716
.A1 TV 2.26/TV 4.27/TV 8.28/TV 20.30/TV 40.33/TV 60.35
.A CRGN8 0305 C DH0716
.A1 TV 2.16/TV 4.17/TV 8.19/TV 20.28/TV 40.31/TV 60.34
.A DSUN8 0305 C DH0716
.A1 TV 2.8/TV 4.11/TV 8.18/TV 20.26/TV 40.32/TV 60.35
.A GFKN8 0305 C DH0716
.A1 TV 2.28/TV 4.29/TV 8.30/TV 20.32/TV 40.34/TV 60.37
.A HARN8 0305 C DH0716
.A1 TV 2.27/TV 4.28/TV 8.29/TV 20.31/TV 40.33/TV 60.34
.A HTGN8 0305 C DH0716
.A1 TV 2.19/TV 4.21/TV 8.23/TV 20.29/TV 40.33/TV 60.36
.A LGGN8 0305 C DH0716
.A1 TV 2.10/TV 4.12/TV 8.15/TV 20.22/TV 40.28/TV 60.33
.A MNON8 0305 C DH0716
.A1 TV 2.17/TV 4.18/TV 8.21/TV 20.26/TV 40.31/TV 60.34
.A STRN8 0305 C DH0716
.A1 TV 2.19/TV 4.20/TV 8.22/TV 20.26/TV 40.31/TV 60.34
.A WEFN8 0305 C DH0716
.A1 TV 2.13/TV 4.14/TV 8.17/TV 20.26/TV 40.32/TV 60.34

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