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National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) Reference

     This reference describes the communication identifiers for NDFD products. It
     also provides the directory and file names for these products.  The NWS Office
     of Science and Technology Services has a technical information web page.  For 
     more general and technical information on the NDFD, please go to
NDFD Products Spreadsheet - Provides a cross reference of planned NDFD
products including a field showing those products which are "Approved for
NDFD Grib2 Decoder - The NDFD (National Digital Forecast Database)
will shortly be putting the national digital forecasts for the conus (continuous
U.S.) on an anonymous ftp site. Those files will be in GRIB2 (Gridded Binary
Edition 2) format.
NDFD Grib2 Encoding - The NDFD (National Digital Forecast Database)
GRIB2 Encoding Details for the National Weather Service Digital Forecast
Database (continuous U.S.) on an anonymous ftp site. Those files will be in
GRIB2 (Gridded Binary Edition 2) format.
NDFDname2 - The list of current and proposed NDFD elements provided for
your reference (with a minor change to the size estimate for Wx grids)
NDFD Super Headings and File Names Cross Reference - Cross
references super headings to the file names on the NWS FTP servers.
     A customer feedback survey for the NDFD can be found on the Office of Services
     National Catalogue of NWS Products web page. Until the form is made interactive,
     responses should be e-mailed to

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