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On September 23, 2005, NWS made a decision (based on public feedback) not to replace its listings of Commercial Weather Providers Serving the US and Commercial Weather Vendor Web Sites Serving the US by pointing only to non-NWS listings. This decision was based on public comments on the proposed termination of the NWS listing service (for more information, click here).

We have redesigned our web site to provide both NWS and Non-NWS listings.

DISCLAIMER The purpose of this list of COMMERCIAL WEATHER VENDOR WEB SITES SERVING THE U.S. is to provide a source of information for U.S. businesses and individuals seeking more specialized meteorological products and services than those available from the National Weather Service. This list is purely intended as informational with no implied endorsement. For further information on these companies, you will need to contact them directly.


Both National Weather Service (NWS) and the private sector maintain compilations of contact information for private sector meteorologists as well as private weather service companies that have indicated that they provide weather services within the U.S. Below are links to these non-NWS and NWS listings.

The NWS strives to keep its listings as up-to-date as possible. If you are a commercial vendor of weather services and would like to be included in the NWS list of commercial weather vendor web sites, please send us your web page address using the contact information below.

The non-NWS listings may provide more detailed information on commercial weather services than is contained in the NWS listing and we encourage their use. The non-NWS links, below, are those compilations that we are aware of at the present time. To request addition of another site containing listings of web sites of private-sector meteorologists serving the U.S., please use the contact information below.

If you have any additional questions, please contact:

Office of Chief Operating Officer
National Weather Service, NOAA
W/SP, Room 17202
1325 East-West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3283
Phone: (301) 427-9062


Non-NWS Listings

None available at this time.


NWS Listings


Also see our online Commercial Weather Providers Serving the U.S.

(alphabetical order)

bullet   3SI
bullet   Aanderaa Instruments
bullet Weather
bullet   AccuWeather
bullet   Acoustic Technology, Inc. (ATI Systems)
bullet   AcuRite
bullet   Advanced Designs Corporation
bullet   Advanced Distributed Sensor Systems, Inc.
bullet   Advanced Forecasting Corporation
bullet   AER, Inc.
bullet   Aerocomp
bullet   Aerology & Ink
bullet   AFC Risk - Advanced Forecasting Corporation
bullet   Alert FM
bullet   Alert Weather Services, Inc.
bullet   AmbientWeather
bullet   Aerospace & Marine International Corporation
bullet   Agricultural Weather Information Information Service (AWIS), Inc.
bullet   Air Science Consultants, Inc.
bullet   Allivan Marketing
bullet   Ambient Software
bullet   Applied Modeling, Inc.
bullet   Applied Weather Technology
bullet   APR Weather
bullet   Armchair Sailor
bullet   ASAI/Weather 2000
bullet   Associated Science Experts
bullet   ATMOGRAPH ModelVis
bullet   AtmosForecast
bullet   Atmospheric Information Services
bullet   Aukast
bullet   Automated Weather Source
bullet   Aviation Weather dot Com
bullet   Aviation Weather - Windows Phone 7 Aviation Weather Application
bullet   Aviation Weather, Inc.
bullet   Avtec Systems, Inc.
bullet   Baja Weather Service
bullet - Weather Posters
bullet   Baron Services
bullet   Big Bend Weather
bullet   Big Country Stormchasers Group
bullet   Big Country Weather
bullet   Big Country Weather and Aviation
bullet   Big Country Weather Observer
bullet   Biral
bullet   BloomSky, Inc
bullet   Blue Diamond Books - Hurricanes and the Middle Atlantic States
bullet   Bruce F. Watson
bullet   Burk Weather Center
bullet   Cable News Network (CNN)
bullet   Campbell Scientific, Inc.
bullet   Can Stock Photo - Weather Stock Photography
bullet   Cape Ann
bullet   Chaser Update
bullet   Clear Weather Solutions
bullet   Clearwest
bullet   ClimaData Corp.
bullet   Climate Logic
bullet   Climatological Consulting Corporation
bullet   Climatronics Corporation
bullet   Climet Systems
bullet   Coastal Environmental Systems
bullet   Columbia Weather Systems, Inc.
bullet   Commanders' Weather Corporation
bullet   Commercial Weather Services Association
bullet   Compu-Weather, Inc.
bullet   Comptus,Inc.
bullet   Connecticut Weather Center, Inc.
bullet   Consumer Lightning Products, Inc.
bullet   Continental Weather & Earth Sciences, Inc.
bullet   Continental Weather Corporation
bullet   Convective Development
bullet   Cox Weather Services
bullet   Crown Weather Services
bullet   CustomWeather, Inc.
bullet   Data Acquisition Systems Manufacturers
bullet   Davis Instruments
bullet   DayWeather Inc.
bullet   DBS Weather Impact Corp.
bullet   Degree
bullet   Demico Inc.
bullet   DesktopDoppler
bullet   DeTect, Inc.
bullet   Digital RF Technology, Inc.
bullet   The Disaster Center
bullet   Disaster Warning Network, Inc.
bullet   doityourselfWEATHER
bullet   E-Alert USA
bullet   Early Alert, Inc.
bullet   Earth Satellite Corporation (EarthSat)
bullet   East Coast Weather
bullet   East End Weather
bullet   Echo of Thunder Weather
bullet   Ed Roy, Ltd
bullet   EJS Weather
bullet   Eltek Specialist Data Loggers
bullet   Emergency Communications Network
bullet   ENSCO, Inc.
bullet   Enterprise Electronics Corporation
bullet   EnviroTech Sensors, Inc.
bullet   Expert Weather Investigations (EWI)
bullet   Fair Skies Consulting
bullet   Farview Weather Services
bullet   FleetWeather, Inc.
bullet   FM DX Antenna Co (NOAA Weather Radio Antennas)
bullet   Forecasting Consultants LLC
bullet   ForeFlight
bullet   Forensic Meteorology Associates, Inc.
bullet   Forensic Weather Consultants
bullet   Fort Phantom Weather
bullet   Fotosearch Weather Photography
bullet   Fox Weather, LLC
bullet   Franklin Time and Weather
bullet   Freese-Notis
bullet   General Dynamics - Automated Observation System
bullet   Geonor, Inc.
bullet   Global Weather Dynamics, Inc.
bullet   GoGraph Weather and Climate Stock Photos
Golden Gate Weather Services
bullet   Great Lakes Weather Service
bullet   HailTrax
bullet   Hawaii Weather Today
bullet   Hazardous Weather Preparedness Institute
bullet   Henz Meteorological Services (HMS)
bullet   High Sierra Electronics, Inc.
bullet   How the Weatherworks
bullet   Hudson Valley Weather
bullet   Hunters Weather Photography
bullet   Hurricane by Kitty Code
bullet   Hurricane Consulting, Inc.
bullet   Hurricane Headquarters
bullet   Hurricane Hollow Weather
bullet   Hurricanecity
bullet   HurricaneMapping
bullet   Hurricanestorm
bullet   Hurricaneville
bullet   Intellicast
bullet   InterMet Systems
bullet   I*ON Weather, Inc.
bullet   Jenifer Clark's Gulfstream
bullet   Jeppesen
bullet   Jersey Weather Service
bullet   Kestrel Wind/Weather Instruments
bullet   Landfall Navigation
bullet   Las Vegas Weather
bullet   Life Shield Step Shelters
bullet   Locus Weather
bullet   Marine Computer Systems
bullet   Marine Weather Center
bullet   Marine Weather dot Com
bullet   Marta Systems
bullet   Meridian Environmental Technology Inc.
bullet   MeteoGroup
bullet   MeteoQUEST
bullet   Meteorological Solutions Inc.
bullet   MeteoStar
bullet   MetLoop - Precision Weather Technologies
bullet   Metro Weather, Inc.
bullet   Met One Instruments Inc.
bullet   Mike's Hurricane Tracking
bullet   Mission Instruments
bullet   Mobile Weather Team, Inc.
bullet   Morcom International, Inc.
bullet   Mountain States Weather Services
bullet   MountainWeather
bullet   Murray and Trettel, Inc.
bullet   My-Cast
bullet   MyForecast
bullet   National Catastrophe Restoration, Inc.
bullet   National Weather Forecasting, LLC
bullet   New England Weather Associates
bullet   New England Weather Science
bullet   NewsWX
bullet   NEXRAIN Corporation
bullet   NorthWest Weathernet, Inc.
bullet   NovaLynx Corporation
bullet   NY NJ PA Weather
bullet   Oceantemp Satellite Imaging
bullet   Oceanweather, Inc.
bullet   OCENS
bullet   OneRain Inc.
bullet   Pace Scientific, Inc.
bullet   Pacific Coast Forecasting
bullet's Hurricane Central
bullet   Peet Bros. Company, Inc.
bullet   PC Weather Products, Inc.
bullet   Pierre Lang Weather Forecast For Energy
bullet   Planalytics, Inc.
bullet   Planetary Data, Inc.
bullet   Praxis Software
bullet   Premiere Products
bullet   Proton Energy Systems Inc.
bullet   PSPhoto
bullet   Pulse Systems, Inc.
bullet   Qwikcast
bullet   Radio-Research Instrument Co., Inc.
bullet   RainmanWeather
bullet   RainWise Inc.
bullet   Rapid Weather
bullet   Regional Earth System Predictability Research, Inc.
bullet   The Regional Hurricane Center, Inc.
bullet   Remote Systems Integration
bullet   REMTECH Inc.
bullet   RITI WeatheRoute
bullet   Robbins Meteorological Consulting - iWeatherNet
bullet   Robert E. White Instruments, Inc.
bullet   Roffer's Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service, Inc.
bullet   Sailing Weather Services
bullet   Schneider Electric
bullet   Scientific Sales, Inc.
bullet   Scintec
bullet   ScoutLook Weather
bullet   Shade Tree Meteorology, LLC
bullet   ShelbyWeather
bullet   Siap+Micros
bullet   Skyview Weather
bullet   Sonalysts, Inc.
bullet   Southland
bullet   Speedwell Weather
bullet   Speranza's Weather Service
bullet   Starstone Software Systems, Inc.
bullet   StatWeather, Inc.
bullet   Storm Alert Inc.
bullet   Storm Chase Guide - Storm Chasing Tours
bullet   Storm Laboratory
bullet   Storm Shield Weather Radio App
bullet   The Storm Shop
bullet   Storm Video
bullet   StormExtremes
bullet   StormNow
bullet   Stormpulse
bullet   StormStock Storm Footage Library
bullet   Surface Systems, Inc. (SSI)
bullet   Susan Genett's Real Weather
bullet   Sussex County Weather Network, LLC
bullet   Sutron Corporation
bullet   SWIFT Weather - Desktop Weather Software
bullet   Swift WX, LLC
bullet   The Swinter Group
bullet   Tactical Weather
bullet   Tempest Tours Storm Chasing Expeditions
bullet   Texas Electronics, Inc.
bullet   Texas Severe Storms Association
bullet   THOR GUARD, Inc.
bullet   The Tornado Project
bullet, Inc.
bullet   Tropical Terrorist - Hurricane Consulting, Inc.
bullet   U.S. Bunkers, Inc.
bullet   Unisys Weather
bullet   United States Weather Watchers
bullet   Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.
bullet   USA Today
bullet   User Systems Enterprises
bullet   Vaisala Inc.
bullet   Verizon Weather
bullet   Vieux & Associates, Inc. - GIS, Hydrology and Radar Rainfall
bullet   Virtual Voice
bullet   Vortmax Weather Service
bullet   Weather 2000
bullet   Weather Atlas
Weather Bureau
bullet   The Weather Center
bullet   Weather Central, Inc.
bullet   The Weather Channel
bullet   Weather Consultants
bullet   Weather Decision Technologies, Inc.
bullet   Weather Display
bullet   The Weather Doctor
bullet   Weather for My Wedding
bullet   Weather for You
bullet   Weather History Research
bullet   Weather Information Network
bullet   Weather-Logic
bullet   The Weather Medic, Inc.
bullet   Weather One Corp.
bullet   Weather or Not
bullet   Weather Posters at FreeArt
bullet   Weather Research Associates
bullet   Weather Research Center
bullet   Weather Risk Management, LLC
bullet   Weather Routing, Inc.
bullet   Weather Shop
bullet   Weather Surveys, Inc.
bullet   Weather Trends International
bullet   The Weather Underground, Inc.
bullet   Weather Ventures
bullet   Weather Warehouse
bullet   Weather Works
bullet   The Weather WorkShop
bullet   Weather2020
bullet   WeatherBank, Inc.
bullet   Weathercationtm
bullet   WeatherCurrents
bullet   WeatherData, Incorporated
bullet   WeatherExtreme Ltd.
bullet   WeatherGuy
bullet   WeatherMatrix
bullet   Weather Message
bullet   Weathernews Inc.
bullet   weatherOnLine
bullet   WeatherOnLine UK
bullet   WeatherQuests
bullet   Weatherschool
bullet   Weatherscope, LLC
bullet   WeatherServ
bullet   WeatherSleuth LLC
bullet   WeatherSphere
bullet   Weatherstock
bullet   Weatherstreet
bullet   weatherTAP
bullet   Weatherthings
bullet   WeatherWatch Service
bullet   WeatherYourWay
bullet   West Coast Weather, LLC
bullet   Western Weather Group
bullet   Westward Environmental, Inc.
bullet - Natural Disasters
bullet   Wilkens Weather Technologies, Inc.
bullet   Wind Economics & Technology, Inc. (WECTEC)
bullet   Windswept Chase Tours
bullet   WorldWinds, Inc.
bullet   Wow's Weather Instruments and Stations
bullet   Wright-Weather, LLC
bullet      Wx Centre
bullet   Wxforecast Services
bullet   WxPortal - SSESCO, Inc.
bullet   WxUSA
bullet   Zephyrus Electronics, Ltd.
bullet   ZoomRadar LLC

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