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Fog Monitor Troubleshooting Tips

If your problem is not mentioned in the Troubleshooting Tips below, please try our Field Reports page, which contains communications between the developers and the field.

Version # and
Symptom Potential Solution

After a replacement or (temporary re-assignment ) of a GOES satellite, the Fog Monitor's FMprocessor stops running on px1, and the Fog Monitor stops updating.

1.  Retrieve an updated satSpecificInfo.txt file from the National Dataset Management list on the noaa1 server under pub/ndm, and place it in the AWIPS /data/fxa/nationalData/ directory.

2.  As user fxa, restart the Satdecoder on dx3.

3.  Wait until the restarted Satdecoder process has created its first satellite images.  Then go to px1 as "fxa", and run stopFMprocessor and startFMprocessor.


Some mesonet dewpoints are wrong in the D-2D display plots

A workaround to hide the bad dewpoints is to:

1.  Copy the /data/fxa/nationalData/FogMesonetDesign.txt file to /data/fxa/customFiles/
2.  In /data/fxa/customFiles/FogMesonetDesign.txt, find the line that reads, "netcdf_id dewpoint".  On the next line, add the statement, "min_valid -888".
3.  Repeat #2 beneath the line that reads, "netcdf_id relHumidity".
4.  Localize with the "tables" option to ensure that D-2D sees your customized file.


Fog Monitor stopped updating on June 21 at western WFOs receiving GOES-11 data.

1. On dx1, as user "fxa", please open the file /data/fxa/nationalData/satSpecificInfo.txt.
2. The second line represents the postion of GOES-West (ID, altitude,lat, lon), starting with the ID number "13". Please change the "13" to a "14".
3. Please restart your Satdecoder by running "killProc Satdecoder".
This will kill the process, and another one should automatically start
4. Verify a new Satdecoder is running by typing "ps -wef |grep Satdecoder". If a Satdecoder process is running, proceed to Step 5.  If not, then run " killProc 'DataController COMMS_ROUTER Satellite' "(include the single-quotes), and then " DataController COMMS_ROUTER SatelliteController.config & ".
5. After the next new set of satellite files come in, log onto px1, and run "stopFMprocessor" and "startFMprocessor" to restart the Fog Monitor.


Fog Monitor crashes repeatedly upon px1 startup.

On px1, as fxa. go to /awips/fxa/data/localization/scripts/, and run "mainScript.csh f -fogmon". Then tun the command, "startFMprocessor" (not to be confused with startFFMPprocessor) to see if FMprocessor starts successfully.

OB6.0 to 6.1

Monitor Area setup GUI hangs, spawns runaway "fileChangeNotifyWish" process (due to a potentially corrupt APRSWXNET mesonet file, if the WFO is receiving that data).

Go to /data/fxa/workFiles/safeseas/, and type in the commands:
tr -d '\015' < MA_setup.dat > temp1
mv temp1 MA_setup.dat
tr -d '\015' < Reg_setup.dat > temp1
mv temp1 Reg_setup.dat



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