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Localized Aviation MOS Product

Wind Speed
Wind Direction
Wind Gusts
Sky Cover
Pcpn. Popo Potential
 Pcpn. Pop01 Potential
Lightning 1hr
Convection 1h

Forecast period starting: for LANCASTER (KLNS) PA
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(1) METAR observations are denoted by a red triangle. SPECI observations are denoted by a red star.
(2) LAMP runs every 15 minutes for ceiling height, visibility, and obstruction to vision. The runs at :00, :15, and :45 go out to 3 hours, and the run at :30 goes out 38 hours. The different runs are denoted by different color ceiling and visibility forecasts.
(3) All other elements, except as noted here, cover the 25-h period.

Note: The 20Z LAMP cycle is verified against the 12Z MOS forecast.

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